Radio presenters suffering from Trump Tourettes

Will Nick Abbot ever learn how to control his Trump Tourettes?

Trump Tourettes is not an infliction exclusive to Nick Abbot. James O’Brien has it too. So has Iain Lee.

There are probably many more, but these are the three talking radio presenters that display it in an out of control fashion.

Trump Tourettes also manifests itself in newspaper reviewers on Sky and BBC News, or sometimes in panellists on Question Time. Arch millionaire lefties Owen Jones and Will Self badly suffer from Trump Tourettes, and are unable to control it when on television.

nickaWhat is Trump Tourettes? Well, a bit like (Margaret) Thatcher Tourettes, it’s the inexplicable need to somehow work Donald Trump’s name into a conversation.  Any conversation.  No matter the subject. Not only do they feel the need to blurt out his name, but also they will make extremely derogatory statements and comments, most of which are based on provably false rumour and innuendo, and, when possible, they will try to use extremely foul language.

In fact, in most cases they will act in a threatening and very frighteningly intimidating manner. Strangely, they will actually do all the things they blame Donald Trump of doing. Sometimes even worse. Yet, for the majority of the time that they are spurting out their Trump Tourettes they seem to be blissfully unaware of what they are doing. It’s like they aren’t even slightly aware of the irony. They haven’t a clue that they are the pot calling the kettle black.

Why can’t they see (or hear) what they are doing?

Is it because they are so blinded by their own ignorance and bizarre out of date ideas about life, the universe and everything?  Do they find it impossible to process and comprehend that not only do views different to their own exist, but that they are equally, or more, valid views than the ones they hold?

Something needs to be done to stop the sufferers from Trump Tourettes before they make complete fools of themselves, or one of us normal people dies from laughing and pointing at their hilarious outbursts.