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From time to time we all have to suffer listening to ‘audition tapes’ when looking for fresh on-air radio talent. Listening to ‘showreels’ is a chore, but sometimes they are so bad they are funny.

So, here’s one I wish to share. Do listen!

showreekWhat an awful radio DJ. Heh heh heh. If you want a good laugh have a listen to this! It’s 30 minutes of a ‘radio DJ’ who obviously has no understanding of the rules of radio.

Have a listen and see if you agree. Especially if you are involved in modern day radio and so know exactly how radio presentation should sound. I have probably missed some of the rules broken, maybe you’ll notice more!

What does this pathetic fella do wrong? Well, everybody knows that there are a number of cardinal sins you must never commit, yet this pathetic fella committed them. These are just the ones I spotted:

  • Never ever ever sing-a-long with a song.
  • Never interrupt a song whilst it is playing by suddenly joining in with it.
  • Never stumble and put on a silly voice whilst delivering a dry read of an advert. Or say you have no idea where the place you’ve just told people to go to is. Or stop mid-read such that you have to add on a bit more, the bit you forgot to read, after the next song.
  • Find out the name of the news reader before introducing him/her/them.
  • Don’t play a song yet enthuse about a different one by the same artist.
  • Never admit you can’t remember what songs are on an album you just played a song from.
  • Always segue at least 3 or 4 songs back-to-back without talking. Never talk between every song.
  • When introducing a ‘golden oldie’, a song from just 4 years ago isn’t a golden oldie. Heck it’s probably still going round as a recurrent.
  • Every link must begin and end with the station name and main logo.

Have a listen. I’ve probably missed loads of the rules he breaks. Let me know if you spot any more radio rules broken in this recording. This guy’s got no radio future!:

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