How the media controls your mind

We all know that the vast majority of English speaking Western media is under the control of the liberal elite. And we all know that it mainly provides confirmation bias to support, well, liberals.

Simple tests like examining exactly where the BBC advertises for staff, errr, the Guardian, quickly point you to what is wrong. And, what is wrong is not necessarily those ‘presenting’ the news, but the whole of the backup organisation. The editors, the writers, the cameramen (& camerawimmin / cameranonbinaries), the various people behind the scenes being paid far greater wages than those who will be consuming their propaganda, they all come from the liberal elite.

mindBy constantly drip feeding the general public with ‘stories’ that emphasise anything that is anti-the accepted way, anti-right of centre views, anti-those who think differently to the narrative they are pushing, the hope is that the pliable minds of the consumers can be trained to nod along to the ‘message’, a bit like they already have our children doing in the schools they also increasingly infest.

I mean, as an example, imagine the Government announcing something factual. The actual announcement will get, say, 2 minutes of news media airtime. Then we’ll immediately get 5 or 6 minutes of news media airtime crammed with unsubstantiated opinion and slur based negativity about the facts in the announcement, trying to discredit it, plus add rumour and strawman arguments to rubbish it.

The result is that, at the very least, the viewer gets the message that “the Government has said ‘x’ but it’s a lie”. It is hard as a consumer to realise that this trick is being played on them in order to alter who and what they trust or believe. The result is that their mind becomes pliable to the media based manipulator. They have no idea what’s really true anymore, thanks to the efforts of the liberal elite media.

Indeed, if you want to see this in action, just tune in to the BBC News channel. Keep a mental note of what I’ve said, and just watch and count the proportion of airtime given to the unsubstantiated slur and negativity following anything said by the Government. The liberal elite media hate the Tories, so their bias is palpable. Just watch for yourself.

Then remember that this is all designed to confuse and control you.

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  1. Definitely time for the factual ‘news’ part of ‘The News’ to be separated from the opinion. I would like to see programmes split into two parts: ‘News’ and then ‘News Comment’ and for this to be highlighted to the viewer by a banner at the top of the screen. And that will include snidey ‘hmmmm’s” made by current newsreaders when an announcement (usually Conservative) is read out…


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