Muslim only ghettos being built by London Mayor

I don’t understand why this ghettoising is encouraged.  How can it be good for our country, let alone our capital city?

muslimThe ‘North London MUSLIM Housing Association‘ is building homes for, well, Muslims.  Supported by the Muslim Mayor of London, it looks like an entire little ghetto estate of  brand new Muslim-only households is being created.

Imagine, for a moment that there was a similar development for the ‘North London CHRISTIAN Housing Association‘  Or for ‘Whites only‘ or ‘long ancestry ‘English’‘, or indeed any specific race or religion, other than Muslim.  The leftie Mainstream media and the agenda driven leftie Twitterarti would be foaming puss out of their mouths and marching in the street, smashing windows and punching policemen.

As I see it, we have two choices, and we need to be honest about which choice is best for Britain.

The First choice is to allow massive sections of sub cultures to occupy geographical areas and to protect those areas for only their ‘community’, whether that’s defined by creed, colour, religion, or some other grouping that is alien to all the other cultures in the UK.

The Second choice is to try to meet in the middle, to find common ground, to, as much as possible, live alongside each other, to share local resources, to learn from each other so as to become a far more United Kingdom, especially on a local level.

Without the Second choice being encouraged, all that remains is suspicion and fear, and isolationism.  Is that really what we want?  Is that what Sadiq Khan wants by funding a Muslim only ghetto?

I fear the division he is trying to encourage.