Fancy a bum?

As a human who abhors watching those who know no better getting used by the religions and religious that offer them the pretend and false comfort that comes with faith, I am happy to see the Catholic Church slowly eating itself.

My hope is that the minds of those it controls will break free and enjoy life from a truly moral perspective rather than from behind a blind faith.

So, it was pleasing to see the resignation of the Pope.  He, of course, in a pre-Pope life, was one of the defenders of the abusers.  The Catholic Church has only reluctantly started to accept that child rape is wrong.  This guy headed a unit that suppressed the information about the rapists and abusers being allowed to filter into the public gaze.  Then for many many years of his reign as Pope, he tried to keep the lid on the boiling pot of anger at the historical and continuing abuse that priests were free to commit on anybody and everybody.  He finally admitted in public that child abuse by priests was no longer a perk of the job.

From that moment it became a lot easier and safer for people to come forward and ‘out’ the abusers.

Ok, let’s pause and talk about something completely different.

If you are not familiar with the UK Channel 4 (and syndicated / copied into other territories) TV show ‘Balls of Steel‘, you should go search for clips on Youtube.  In a sentence, it’s a hidden camera show with outrageous things happening to the victims at the hands of one of a number of hoaxers.  Each hoaxer has a completely different set of skills and ‘joke’ to play.  It originally ran from 2005 to 2008.  Search for ‘Big Gay Following‘ and have a look at Eric Page playing the part of a man who lures people (men) into unsuspecting situations and then suddenly comes out with “Fancy a bum?”  As they stutter dazed and confused he adds, “You know, a bit of man on man action.

Fancy a bum?” became a catch-phrase for the youth of the day who were watching ‘Balls of Steel‘. Indeed, a younger Tulisa from the X Factor can also be found on Youtube ringing random friends and asking “Fancy a bum?

So, unfortunately this brings me back to the Catholic Church.  Or more succinctly, Cardinal Fang.  No, not Cardinal Fang. Cardinal Keith O’Brien.  He has resigned from his position of Cardinal and head of thought control for Scottish Catholics, although I guess he’ll still be paid handsomely by the Church, as most of them are even in disgrace.

Among the ALLEGATIONS are that he had inappropriate contact with some priests and in one case, back in 1980, made an “inappropriate approach” to another.  So, what exactly was it he said during his ‘inappropriate approach‘?

Pause …  Nooooo!

He couldn’t have??

Could he?

Well, we’ll never know, but I’m afraid it’s been all we’ve thought he must have said, since we first heard of his “inappropriate approach” to another priest, and it’s made us giggle.

Confusingly, despite what may have been ‘a bit of man on man action‘, he has been vociferously and aggressively anti-gay marriage, anti-gay.  What’s that about?

How can somebody who allegedly has had carnal knowledge of other men be so homophobic?  And if this is just one aspect of his hypocrisy, what else is there yet to be revealed?

It is absolutely disgusting that a man with so much power over others – the power of misery and suffering – should be so against allowing happiness and the public declaration of love between two people of the same sex, when he himself is obviously also homosexual.  Yet, such is the hypocrisy of the entire religion.

This is only the tip of the iceberg into which the Catholic Church is charging with a far greater speed than the Titanic.  The only difference is that the Catholics are guilty of going down before they hit the iceberg.