The bullies who want a death

I’ve just been watching a young girl become more and more suicidal. She was being bullied. When she asked people to stop bullying her, saying that it made her feel like killing herself, what did they do?

helpDid they back off and give her some space?

Of course not. They just chorused ‘Go on then’ and offered ‘Better off dead’, giving her methods she could use to kill herself, and so on and so on.

It was horrible, frightening, and disgusting.

But, you may well ask, what was, well, is, her crime?

Her crime is to be a young Conservative.

Yep, she dares to go against the group-think of the alt-left and Corbynistas that normally have the youth of today trained, brainwashed, and controlled in what to think. Only the strong dare try to rebut or refuse to be cowed by the indoctrination that fills our schools. The left control the agenda. School is no longer full of any encouragement to free-think. It is full of left-wing ‘teachers’ who shut down those children who resist the group-think. And it gets far worse when a child gets to university.

Naively, this young girl had declared herself via Twitter to not be a Corbynista or any of the modern day socialists kids are supposed to turn out as. At some point, she had also declared a past that included suicidal thoughts. So, yes, the baiting started from the alt-left. As soon as she, again, possibly naively, said she was being worn down and returning to suicidal thoughts, their vitriol just got stronger.

It is a bizarre situation that we have here. Conservatives do not wear scarves over their faces or hide behind keyboards trying to hound people to death. Labour supporters, however, see this as acceptable behaviour. Why is this?

Yeah, from time to time Corbyn will limply condemn these activities, but on they continue, in his name. Nobody really tries to stop them. Is that because in the Corbyn future, the only acceptable thought will be socialist group-think?

How many young people will be hounded to death for not following the herd?