2 cows

Two cows: Iraqi

Udders of mass destruction, capable of delivering milk to every door-step in neighbouring countries within 45 minutes.  That’s what the millionaire socialist Tony Bliar and his Labour Government told us, and they even produced a cream dossier to prove it…. Read More ›

Two Cows: Greek

They have a very complex system do the Greeks. I think it’s how they were able to historically be the ancient world’s philosophers and sciencey peoples. All of whom also seemed to also write poetry and songs. Which is nice.

Two Cows: French

And what’s more, you don’t stop people who are illegally in your country from illegally trying to get into our country to get the free cows we stupidly give anybody that hasn’t lived here for generations.

Two Cows: Swiss

Is that why and how they’ve got so much time to just produce lovely chocolate? I love Swiss chocolate. And, heck, they take so much time over things, like their watches and, well, cuckoo clocks. Cuckoo clocks?  What nutter invented… Read More ›

Two Cows: American

I could never be an American.  As their empire slowly sinks and disappears they are kicking off and behaving badly.  Plus they are mainly religious nutters. And they don’t have healthcare for anybody but the filthy rich.  As in, healthcare… Read More ›

Two Cows: Fascism

There is an extremely subtle almost impossible to see difference between Communism and Fascism. Both are imposed on ‘the people’.  Both hurt the population and stifle individuality.  Yet, UK based idiots who are communists will fight fascists to the death… Read More ›

Two Cows: Communism

Ah yes.  Communism. The oft used yet most misunderstood concept when in the hands of trade unionists and Guardian reading loony lefties in the UK.  It is the most mothering, interfering and soul and individuality destroying concept. It usually has… Read More ›