Two cows: Irish

Not a donkey then?  Or am I trying to stereotype this otherwise perfectly fine and lovely people?

To be fair on the Irish, whilst I’m not too sure that the complete embracing of the European Union is in their best interests for the future, I am jealous of how they have happily and relatively quietly just absorbed things that make sense like the metric measurement system, even if the Euro might have been a slight folly.  The only reason I can arrive at for their going as very European as they have is to get away from us Brits as much as possible.  I mean, we might have forced our £Sterling on them, or worse, given loads of them jobs laying our roads and building our buildings for a couple of potatoes a day.

Too far?

Well, at least they aren’t holding on to outdated measurement systems like us wannabe Americans, the UK.

And I’m not jealous that their motorway speed limits are more than ours. Bloody Irish.