Even members of our royal family want us dead

So what do we know when it comes to the funding of the various campaigns against fossil fuels and traditional methods of fuel production?

Well, first we know that the Intelligence Services in India have accused Greenpeace of deliberately trying to work against traditional energy production within India, in attempts to destabilise their energy security.  India has declared Greenpeace an enemy of the country for what they are doing.

This man wants to be the virus the wipes out humanity
This man wants to be the virus the wipes out humanity

Secondly, we hear that Russia is being accused of funding anti-fracking agitation in the UK (and other parts of Europe).  The idea being that Russia wants to ensure we are dependant on their energy supply. Or is it the Saudi people with their cheapening prices for oil? Maybe it’s both. Most likely huge cash is being passed on to the organisers of the anti-fracking lobby from whoever it is that wants to destroy our energy independence. Naturally of course, this fact is hidden from those who ‘want to believe’ what they are told about how evil ‘fracking’ is.

Thirdly, we know that historical surface temperature records keep being revised to lower them. They never explain why they’ve decided to keep lowering actual records from the past, but by replacing the actual readings from years ago with new lower readings, it gives the illusion of today’s temperatures being comparatively higher.  It’s similar to when history was rewritten as part of Holocaust denial and to remove people from the Soviet past. It just happens, is accepted, never challenged.

And finally, we know that the more easily led human beings are desperate to believe that humanity is to blame for something – anything – and that we are in some way ‘hurting’ the planet.  Why these idiots feel that humanity is capable of ‘hurting’ a huge planet, or even that a planet is capable of feeling pain, is beyond ridiculous. But, in previous decades and centuries, these are the people who blamed witchcraft for bad weather, or sacrificed children to gods of volcanoes in order to quieten them.

There are also those who believe that in order to ‘save the planet’ (As if planets ever get into a state whereby they need ‘saving’, let alone a state from which human beings can actually ‘save’ them!) we must kill large numbers of human beings. That’s you and me in the cross-hairs of their guns! These nutters believe this right now, and they are working towards methods of forcing depopulation upon us in accordance with the United Nation’s Agenda 21 and the Georgia Guidestones.

Even British royalty from their lofty position of privilege have publicly declared they hate us and want us wiped out.  Yes, they are mental, but they ‘own’ us. They want to kill us.


  1. I often thoroughly enjoy your writing. However I must admit to being completely baffled by your approach to the Global Warming issue. Its like you have your fingers in your ears and are going “La LA LA” 😉
    Of course the truth is hard to get at – not least because those who are making trillions out of poisoning our planet throw huge amounts of money at scientist who can “disprove” climate change. Yet the evidence is all around us.
    Here is one set of (checkable and undisputed), fact. In the 13th century there were about 370 000,000 humans, burning fuel, chopping down trees, eating animals and digging up minerals.
    20 years ago there were 6000,000,000 plus all the technology do it all much faster.
    Today there are 7291 000 000 of us.
    Its a big planet bit is IS finite. Do you really, honestly believe that all those people will not have ANY effect whatsoever on the planet? Really?


    1. There’s always an ‘effect’ from everything. Everything is inter-related. However, it’s the importance, or lack of importance, of that effect that is in dispute.

      People want or need to believe the ‘effect’ is disastrous. They always have. They don’t want to believe the evidence that the ‘effect’ is negligible.

      The scientific evidence points to the effects of anything and everything we have done being extremely negligible in the bigger picture.

      On the global warming issue, the biggest money is in the religion itself, not with those who are putting forward statistics and measurements that show that catastrophic man-made global warming is not proven. Once you start to look into and investigate the realities of how it all works, it’s extremely hard to have anything but a completely sceptical view of all the panic and unfounded predictions of the end of the world.


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