Iain Dale gets it right about Liverpool being ghastly

Most people in the North-West won’t have heard of Iain Dale before.

He’s not a leftie or a hat tipping sycophant going on and on about how wonderful Liverpool is, even though it obviously isn’t.

He’s Liverpool’s latest honorary bad man.

Liverpudlians, and those living in other parts of Merseyside, who, for whatever awful reason, consider that somehow means they can also call themselves ‘Scousers’ even when they aren’t, don’t like it when the truth comes out about them or their ways or traditions or habitat.

When an ‘outsider’ tells it as it is, the guns are put down, the hoods are pulled back on the obligatory charcoal coloured Great North attire, and all join together to spit hatred and bile … forever.

They did it about the Sun newspaper, complete with threats to burn-out newsagents stocking it, they blame everything bad on Margaret Thatcher even though we’ve suffered the Blair and Brown years since her reign which made things so much worse in this region, they hate Boris Johnson and Kelvin MacKenzie, and of course anything vaguely Tory.

Iain Dale is not vaguely Tory.  He’s very Tory.  He’s exactly what Liverpudlians and their faux-Scouser neighbours are inbred to hate.  Even more so when recently here to cover the Labour party conference he subsequently wrote this on his blog (www.iaindale.com):

Look, I’m going to be honest. So far, I have found Liverpool to be a ghastly city. The Albert dock area is lovely, but from what I have seen of the rest of it, it makes Gaza look welcoming. It’s now that I understand perfectly why lots of famous people profess to love Liverpool so much they move away at the first opportunity and never return if they can help it. Driving in on Sunday it was quite apparent that what money the council has had has been blown on regenerating the docks area to the exclusion of everywhere else. There seem to be a large number of second world war bomb sites which haven’t been touched in 60 years. It gives a terrible impression to people visiting for the first time. And then there’s the Adelphi Hotel. A shocker. I vaguely remember watching a fly on the wall documentary about it a few years ago. Believe me, it hasn’t got any better. They are charging £189 a night for a room with no internet, no mini bar, a room service menu which has a choice of two things and which is only available for an hour a day (OK, I exaggerate a little on that) and a TV which was built circa 1976. Oh, and its car park resembles a Kevin Webster style MoT bay. But the bathroom does have a set of bathroom scales, so that’s nice. What an absolute dive of a hotel. I know Liverpool has many fans. A good friend of mine loves the place. She regularly comes here for weekend breaks. God alone knows why. If I never came back again ever, it would be too soon. I suspect the feeling will be mutual after this.

As an ex-Londoner searching for more than the usual conversations on the radio discussing all that is inane about Liverpool, I regularly tune to London’s LBC.  Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner, but mainly it’s because listening to local talking radio in Liverpool is like listening to talking radio or phone-in radio from the 1970s in London.

So, as a random LBC listener I hear Iain Dale’s nightly broadcasts, and I can enjoy them.  Hence, how I already know of him way ahead of him daring to tell it like it is about Liverpool.

And, although all the usual haters have started to come out to bad mouth Iain, the fact is he told it like it is.

There are aspects of the riverside developments that are breathtaking and imposing and make the place look excellent.  However, nearly everywhere else is, for want of a better description, shit.

There are areas, especially on the approach from the M62 which do look like war-torn Gaza and bomb sites that haven’t been cleared in 60 years.  Fact.

The two hugely popular football clubs at Anfield and Walton are surrounded by boarded-up slums with barely lit streets that regularly house the alcies, junkies and prostitutes.  How unimpressive they must look to those from around the world on pilgrimages to Liverpool or Everton FC!

There is money around.  It gets wasted on ridiculous left-wing pet ‘art’ and ‘culture’ projects that benefit only the wealthy chattering classes, rather than being used to actually clean the place up, knock down the ‘bomb-sites’, and feed and water the non-working classes.

The city centre looks ok, but as soon as you are on any of the approaches to it there’s the dereliction and quite intimidating streets of dilapidation, even in areas that have supposedly been earmarked for ‘regeneration’ for decades now.

That’s the way it is, and that’s what Iain Dale saw.

If you don’t like it, fix it.  But, stop your damn moaning about people telling it the way it is.

Get over yourselves, Liverpool.


  1. It's hilarious when the leftie chattering-class faux-Scousers make their stereotypical racist outbusts but show their complete ignorance by thinking that people from London are 'cockney'. Excellent!


  2. Excellent? I'm sorry as far as I was concerned I was treating you with the same condescending attitude as you were treating me with (tarring all with same brush etc.) However I am gathering with a comment earlier on in the article that you are implying that the scum newspaper and Kelvin Mackenzie told the truth and nothing but with their Hillsborough coverage? And one final note I am not a “faux-Scouser” I am from Kirkdale about 2 minutes outside the city well inside the city boundary and I find your general attitude towards our city and its inhabitants as ignorant hence the cocney tw*t jibe


  3. If you really are living in Kirkdale (isn't that the area where the local scallies set fire to live dogs?), then as a Liverpudlian you should be outraged at those who have allowed the potentially great city of Liverpool to remain in the state of decay that it does for large areas of it, whilst they subsidise those 'art' and 'culture' projects run by their wealthy middle-class socialist friends and extended contacts from University.

    Yet, it seems, you are far too busy being a professional wailer against anybody who dares say it how it is.

    Meanwhile, you allow the city to continue to decay…!


  4. For a start you seem to be a professional wailer yourself as you feel the need to moan about Liverpool to an internet audience… Secondly you still haven't answered the question I posted to you in my fist comment (it wasn't a rhetorical question) and yes there was a “gangsters” dog set on fire in Kirkdale however all said and done I have never felt in any danger walking the streets, there is the odd altercation in the city centre on nights out amplified by alcohol and (probably) drugs but go to any other city in the country and you get that. As for the run down areas of the city try turning that spotlight on to bigger cities I wouldn't set foot outside of Manchester city centre for some of their run down gang run area's and from experience of working around London for a Liverpool based firms some of the borough's are an absolute disgrace.
    I think the capital of culture money etc. should have been ploughed into projects in the city centre thats how to attract tourism whether you like it or not it kept local building companies an contractors ticking over during the start of the recession and only now are some feeling the full effects. I however do agree the run from the M62 into town is an issue that has needed addressing for years but work is currently ongoing in Kensington and on Edge Lane.


  5. I'm assuming you are using the word 'scum' as some kind of hilariously funny faux-Scouse substitute for the word 'Sun', and you are referring to what was published about the conduct of the Liverpool fans and what did, or more properly didn't, happen 22 years ago. The Sun apologised, printed retractions, and has made a number of (albeit crap) attempts at restitution over the years. There's probably nobody working at it now that was working for it all those years ago, and yet a minority number of Liverpudlian bullies still won't allow newsagents to stock the Sun. Newsagents are regularly warned that they will be burned-out if they dare. How long will the bullies keep this up for? Heck, even the IRA looked for a peaceful solution, yet the Liverpool bullies won't.

    I suspect it's because they, like all bullies, want to be in control and to 'run things'.

    Now that's also an example of the infamous Scouse chip on the shoulder and always wanting to moan about the past and never allow things to be settled and to move forward with any healing. They just love to be at war with outsiders when they are not at war with themselves, and they can be ever so cruel. Look at how quickly they'll take the piss out of Manchester United fans over Munich, even to this very day, and think there's nothing wrong in doing that!

    All of this is going on in the city that tops the UK charts for alcoholism, drugs, guns, violence, domestic violence, obesity, unemployability and those giant chips on shoulders.

    And this is something you want to be proud of, rather than try to fix when people dare to mention it? Jeez, there's no hope!


  6. just another right wing wanker trying to make a name for himself by slagging off liverpool i hope you die in your sleep tonight cunt


  7. Constantly raking-up ailing stereotypes is extremely boring. Instead of directing criticism towards Liverpool and its inhabitants, and, if you feel so strongly about it; why not go campaigning to the council? Be productive rather than wasting energy hurling negativity at Liverpool.


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