Watch her squirt

WTF is this?

I mean, WTF is it?

Ok, if you are viewing this from an old fashioned platform like Facebork that doesn’t support moving gifs, you’ll really really have to click through to watch the action.

But, what is it?

When I discover moving gifs I like, I usually head on over to Youtube to find the actual video the gif is composed from.  However, searching Youtube with variations of ‘beach‘ ‘sea‘ and even ‘urchin‘ and ‘squid‘ alongside the word ‘squirt‘ was educational but didn’t help me find any video of this strange thing on the beach.

So, anyway, having troughed through ‘educational’ videos full of ladies weeing themselves and pretending it’s some kind of orgasm, and how, as a man to make this happen (None of the videos mentioned just making her drink several litres of water and locking her out of the loo), I couldn’t find the original.  So, about strange sea things washed up on a beach that squirt I am none the wiser.

Okay, I now have a degree in fake female orgasms, but am still asking WTF is in the moving gif?