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Well, you’ll have noticed that I used to produce a blog entry a day, every day, 365 days a year, on random things that interest me.  I now try to keep to at least three a week. Getting old, I can’t seem to manage it once a day. F’narr.  Anyway, since I am “Christopher England” it is quite rightly called “England’s England“!

Some of it is childish and trivial, almost rude, and at other times it’s a structured rant about something. Maybe I should separate these into their own specialist sections rather than mixing them all up together, but that would require me to structure myself a bit. I’m not too good at that!

But, as has been asked, “Who the feck is Christopher England?”  Well, things evolve and mature or change of course, but at the time of writing…

If we have to wear labels, then politically, I am probably right of centre but mixed with this is a (real, not trendy lefty pretend) libertarian or even a touch of anarchist or rebel. I do believe in structure and control of populations (especially the feckin’ stupid ones), but, I like the idea of consensus thinking rather than the historical confrontational divisive rule by fear we have endured and have come to expect. I find the ‘liberal left’ with all it censorship and rules against free speech extremely worrying.

I am an atheist. Not so much an evangelising atheist, but I do kick back at those who try to control others via religion, rather than people who have a ‘personal’ religion. I detest the abuse of children by forcing religion onto them.

I have an obsession with ‘media’ that stems from radio anoraksia, love gadgets and gizmos and am excited by new music trends.

Scary so far?

I find I identify more with youth culture than I do with the elders of our society, immaturely thinking and feeling I am 19 whilst I’m clearly old enough to be a 19 year old’s great-grandfather! I don’t dwell in the past unless aspects of it are brand new to me, and find myself completely addicted to the future.

I used to love the ‘overview’ of the Star Trek universe, but I’m not a Trekie/Treker (I hope), although I do love to mull over sci-fi type concepts and philosophies.

Humans fascinate me, almost to a point where I can objectively (or is that ‘obsessively’?) look at them from an outside perspective. I find their herding and sheep-like instincts bothersome, especially when it comes to mass-beliefs and blind acceptance.

I rebel against the bad shepherds.

The fact that mind control can so easily be performed for entertainment (which I do enjoy) shows me that in a bigger picture this is a vulnerability that needs to be fought in order to avoid the mass hysteria and crowd control that gives us ‘leaders’ living off of their ability to ‘lead’. This annoys me and I feel a need to somehow help set people free (not that I actually can, of course).

I often ask the question “Whose thoughts are yours?” because usually people just believe what they are told to believe and never question it.

Can you trust yourself to know the real truth or do you just believe what they convince you to believe?” continues this desire I have that people apply logic and investigate the ‘sense’ of any claim before they accept it as true and make it part of their foundation in life.

NB. This should of course also apply to anything I say too!

When I say, “Only those who dare to be different will ever make a difference” I think I’m pointing out that to break away from being a safe sheep takes a lot of strength and can be dangerous. I mean, there was a time when saying the world wasn’t flat could get a person put to death, so it takes courage to stand up and say something isn’t how it was previously taught to be. Eventually, the difference an individual makes in this way is important because it helps humanity collectively grow and mature and understand, so we must encourage people to dare to be different.

I hope that I retain and project a good sense of humour, but at the same time my ability to be objective and correctly suss the bigger picture is important to me. I’m not usually into conspiracy theories, believing things are actually a bit more disorganised and chaotic, but there are times when I wonder about this and express this in my writings.

Above all I’m happy to be proved wrong about anything I appear to believe I am right about. Please interact with me when you feel it might put me right.

Above all, please do enjoy playing with Christopher England, and thank you for your time.

Christopher England on the Interwebs:

Mainly these days I’m too busy to do much chitter-chatter stylee contributing to the old style ‘specialist’ themed subject type forums that I once used to be found always hanging around, day or night. Instead, I spend my time doing a bit of trivial social networking and I upkeep my lovely and award winning daily England’s England for your infotainment.

From time to time I will scoot round and speed read other places and forums relating to ‘anoraking’ and ‘meeja’ (especially radio), but I rarely if ever write anything or anywhere other than in the places I’ve listed at the top.

Mainly, of course, I’m on Twitter and Facebook, and probably a few other lesser used social meeja places. Things I write on Twitter usually copy over to Facebook.  I leave both fully ‘public’, so you don’t even have to ‘Friend’ me to read my stuff.

I used to be a massive Google+ fanboi.  Sadly, Google+ seems dead, so I shuffled the love and attention I gave it to Twitter.

I tend NOT to use Twitter or Facebook for chatting, and use both more for ‘broadcasting’, spreading information and links, crowd-sourcing and digging out the truth.  I NEVER USE FACEBOOK MESSENGER, evah!

So why not pop over and check me out?  I spend a lot of time ‘offline’, days at a time, but when I’m online, I’ll always respond to a hail via Twitter.

Well, that’s the way it is. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise! If they try, kill them.

Christopher England on Christopher England:

“Christopher England” was born in the mid-1970s when I, the man behind “Christopher England”, first needed a name other than my own real name in order to pursue a career on the dark side. Ok, it was only pirate radio, not quite as dark as darkness from darkland, but it would have been a folly to have used my real name, obviously. Nobody did. I liked the combination of the whole word “Christopher” alongside “England” and felt it was good. Cue that rock’n’roll nodding thing that people do in films.

At first, “Christopher England” was just me on the radio, but it wasn’t long before I realised that “Christopher England” had a larger than life personality of his own and since he was no longer real, “Christopher England” could be anything “he” wanted to be, almost out of the control of his creator, poor little me. I sat back watching all these terrible things happen not unlike how Rod Hull looked on in terror as his Emu attacked Michael Parkinson.

People sometimes find it hard to understand the separation between the man in the background and “Christopher England”. I think the best was to explain it is to give Alan Partridge or Keith Lemon as examples of ‘living’ characterisations that exist and can remain in character despite only being somebody else’s character. The public never get to know the real people, just the characters they play. Had anybody ever seen Frank Sidebottom without his comedy head on? Inside there was a man who was really different to the Frank Sidebottom you saw on the outside. “Christopher England” is similar (except for the lack of a comedy head). Make sense? No? Ah. It might do eventually.

Christopher England flirted with land based pirate broadcasting, and, like almost everybody in the 1970s / 1980s, even tried a bit of offshore radio broadcasting, becoming known mainly to the enthusiasts of piratical radio rather than the real public who just weren’t listening. The Christopher England claim to fame was the pioneering of alternative talk based pirate broadcasting. Initially this was the more serious “community-access” format, and eventually became the Christopher England centric talk about nothing yet everything for hours at a time format. For a while Christopher England even had his own satellite radio station on which to become even more Christopher England than the previous Christopher England!

As adventurous radio died across the UK, the options for Christopher England became very limited and so he turned to a life on the internet. His words were no longer in audio, but written. For decades now, Christopher England’s view on the world, especially media, has spewed forth from various keyboards. He writes about things he knows and understands. Some of the things he writes upset those who don’t necessarily want to face the truth or prefer fluffy versions of history, especially when it comes to radio.

As Christopher England evolves so will the targets of his witterings, however he likes to express his many issues with religions and prejudices, and is a strong advocate of the protection of children from the abuse, indoctrination and lies from their parents. This includes the abuse of the lie of Father Christmas, let alone the lie of gods and religions.

From the relative safety of his armchair high up in his ivory tower, Christopher England laughs and points at the failing radio industry, and media in general. He is a man of solutions though, so not just there to sneer. He understands the public and what they want and will often offer up the answers that would correct the wrongs he reports on.

Christopher England has sussed the way news media manipulates people and isn’t fooled by trends of rule-by-fear, like the current one labelled ‘Global Warming’, or, since they’ve been unable to prove any substantial warming, ‘Climate Change’. There’s always a reason why somebody wants somebody else to believe something, and the truth is usually irrelevant, as is regularly pointed out in Christopher England’s musings.

Today, as always, Christopher England polarises people. Many are uncomfortable which the accuracy of the things he says. Many have their agendas as to why they try to belittle and barrack him, and these become more transparent the more they ‘attack’. But a lot of people can see that a lot of the words of Christopher England make sense.

The majority of people agree that Christopher England should be shot, but a few agree that he should be given a seat in the House of Lords for his wisdom. Where you stand on this will depend on how free thinking you are.

Behind all this, very rarely are people who know of “Christopher England” allowed to get to know the man behind him, in other words, me. I fiercely and quite rightly protect my family and my private life from the gaze of what Christopher England correctly describes as the mad people from madland, a lot of whom wish “Christopher England” harm as their road-rage style way of disagreeing with him. Only a few from my real life and work actually know I am also the evil “Christopher England”. This allows me to get on with whatever it is I do when I’m in my Peter Parker or Bruce Wane role, i.e., real life…!

Does this make Christopher England a superhero similar to Batman or Spiderman? Hmmm. You decide. It certainly seems to attract the mad people from madland who are obsessed with trying to give away hints about the man behind Christopher England rather than dealing with the public character they’ve decided they loathe or the things he’s said. But maybe when they react, Christopher England has them exactly where he wants them. Aha! Sometimes it’s very confusing being Christopher England.

– Christopher England just said that!    (Or did he?)

(last amended August 2017)