Gemma Cairney is your annoying little sister

So. You’re been out all night doing some serious partying.  You reach home and are in serious need of chill out time.  The world needs to stop being loud and in your face.  You need time to chillax.  Time to continue the wind down to a well deserved sleep to make up for the nearly 36 hours since you last hit the pillow.  Maybe some chilled music playing quietly to accompany a well deserved pre-bed brew will aid the transition.

(An annoying little sister)

You turn the key and open your door to discover your little sister has woken up and is full of noise.  Full of noise.  She is loud and in your face.

Asking irritating questions, saying your name in an annoying tone until you answer, and bouncing all over the sofa.  Man, she just won’t shut up.  Man, she is so lively.

How can she be so lively?  So fast talking.  Doesn’t she know you are near death?  But there she is right in your face.  Like an AK47 set to automatic she doesn’t stop, leaving you overwhelmed and shell-shocked.

Now then.  Imagine your sister is Gemma Cairney.

It’s not your front room and sofa she’s bouncing all over, but your radio.  Gemma is the weekend breakfast show host on BBC Radio 1.

Man.  She is all of the above description and more.

Do I hate her?  Nope.  She is probably the best thing to happen to BBC Radio 1 for a long while.

Yep, I tell no lie.  This is what we want.  She really fits the 7am thru 10am slot on a Saturday or Sunday morning.  She really does!

As a radio presenter she’s fast talking, which is good, yet doesn’t stop to monologue or make her ‘links’ (the talkie bits inbetween but ‘linking’ the songs) too long and tedious.  This cannot be said of a lot of Radio 1 presenters.

Gemma is half-way to that ‘perfect’ radio presenter that I’m personally looking for.  That’s one that keeps the ‘links’ less indulgent, yet darts in and out of the songs, rather than only talking three times an hour.

Yep, I’m a Gemma Cairney anorak.


  1. I think she's the worst thing to happen to BBC R1 since Greg James anyway, Or Nick Grimshaw. Not sure which though.

    BBC R1: Off, Capital: ON.


  2. Gemma is definitely one of the most annoying and boring presenters on Radio 1. That stupid forced laugh she puts on is enough for me to just turn off the radio in the morning on a Sunday and sleep for a few more hours.


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