Why Merseyside Police won’t blow up Liverpool’s Anfield Road

Generally speaking, sadly, the relationship between the police in Liverpool and the general population in Liverpool is a little strained.

There are two main reasons for this.

Anfield Road pre-missile attacks

Firstly, Liverpudlians spend the majority of their life drunk.  When they get drunk they like to fight and to make the lives of those around them a living hell.

Naturally, the worse thing that can happen to a drunk Liverpudlian is to have the police turn up to try to stop them wrecking the place or hurting others. This intervention is unacceptable to the average drunk Liverpudlian. It makes him focus his hatred and anger on the police.

Liverpudlian drunks hate the police.

Secondly, Liverpudlians spend most of their lives involved in petty crime. This ranges from building skunk farms and the selling and distribution of drugs, through to stealing meat and other goods from major supermarkets.

Shoplifting to order is a norm.

Most Liverpudlians either steal or receive stolen goods. Thus, most Liverpudlians are very wary of ‘officialdom’, and there’s a culture, partly based on fear, and partly based on tradition, of never being a ‘grass’.

This makes policing and keeping order in Liverpool almost impossible.

Youngsters on bikes, deliberately all wearing the same monochrome clothing and cap to avoid individual identification, and proudly wearing the name ‘Scallies’ conduct sustained periods of anti-social behaviour. This includes throwing stones at passing police cars as well as buses full of civilians, or their favourites, taxis.

Now, here’s the problem. It is all but impossible to find and arrest those involved in the crimes in the area. Either through fear or through some obscure form of under-class loyalty, nobody ‘splits’ on anybody, and they will constructively hide and cover for the criminals.

The police do the best they can, but this is limited to observing and catching people in the act.  The ‘intelligence’ from good citizens wanting to keep the community free from criminals isn’t passed on to the police.  Heck, why would they want to ‘shop’ the supplier of cheap stolen meat or their drugs?

So, let’s get to my major point.

What do Merseyside police do about this?

Well, supposing they knew that a large number of criminals lived in, let’s say, Anfield Road.  By careful and covert observation they would be able to hone in on which properties they were living or hiding in.  They could follow this with a precision raid or couple of raids, and the only collateral damage might be that others in the same house might have to get down on the floor for a few minutes when the police broke down the door and forced their way in.

That’s the way that seeking out criminals happens in the UK and in most of the United States.

It’s not the way that Israel deals with hunting down what it considers to be criminals.  If the Merseyside police were to adopt the Israeli way, we know how this would play out.

Firstly, what they would do is target Anfield Road, that’s all of Anfield Road, with bombs.  There would be precision strikes from guided missiles launched both from the air and from land. The strikes would be designed to pummel every house on Anfield Road into dust, regardless of who occupied it, and whether or not they were inside at the time.

Indeed, anybody trying to flea would be dealt with by snipers waiting to shoot at anything that moved trying to escape from the bombing. Women running along Anfield Road carrying their babies and children would be shot in the back.  Illegal hot phosphorus would rain down on them from above burning their skin and leading to horrible and slow deaths, and bombs full of very sharp shrapnel ‘nails’ with tail fins to assist them to drive into human flesh, would also be exploded at regular intervals despite being banned weapons.

No ambulances would be allowed near to try to tend to those who were wounded.  No rescue workers would be allowed to dig for survivors. They too would come under fire should they try to help survivors.

Every single house in Anfield Road would be gone after hundreds and hundreds of missiles had been launched to flatten the road into nothing.

Should locals complain they’d be told that the criminals were using them as a human shield and it was their fault not the fault of Merseyside Police, who were only trying to protect citizens. And, hey, there were skunk farms below most of the houses in Anfield Road anyway, and they had to be destroyed.

Well, of course, that complete and scary scenario doesn’t happen inside Liverpool, or anywhere within the UK.  It would be outrageous. We would not tolerate it.

However, it is daily life in Gaza, at the hands of Israel and their war-crimes.  It makes one realise how lucky we are to not live there.

It makes one realise how absolutely terrible it must be to live in Palestine constantly under attack from Israel.

It makes one realise that Israel has to be stopped.