Israelis cheering as children are murdered

Every few years Israel commences a period of the collective punishment of mainly women and children of what it calls the goyim, or cattle.  We call them Palestinians.  Gazans, even.  Human beings.

On the face of it, some of the Palestinians do get angry with their lot and so, stupidly, fire homemade rockets into Israel.  Whilst very scary, these mostly end up exploding on open or waste ground or being intercepted and destroyed before making landfall.  And no, it can’t be nice to have to live with this constantly going on.  Most of the retaliation against their Israeli jailers, for Gaza is in reality a huge open concentration prison camp over which Israel assumes border control, is children throwing stones at Israeli Defence Force soldiers.  In return, IDF soldiers will use high velocity sniper rifles to pick off random children who are playing near the border.  They will shoot to kill.  Sometimes they’ll shoot to kill just for the hell of it, with no provocation that day. To celebrate they get t-shirts printed showing off how many children they killed.

Israelis excitedly watching the children die.

As a State, Israel constantly flies drones through Gaza, especially at night, disturbing people’s ability to sleep, and then, as I said, once every few years it pummels whole civilian areas to the ground, killing mainly women and children. The casualties and those maimed for life runs into the high thousands, the dead runs into a few thousand before they finally stop … for the next couple of years.

What the Israelis on a hill top are cheering about.
What the Israelis on a hill top are cheering about.

Right now the collective punishment of the citizens of Gaza is ongoing.  Sickeningly, Israelis sit on top of hills looking over into Gaza with their picnic baskets and beer, whooping and cheering with each tonne of explosives they hear killing and maiming the goyim, the cattle.  Humanitarianism is furthest from their minds. Their hatred is taught in school and as part of their religion. They are taught it is a God-given right to hate.  Their joy at the death of babies, infants, toddlers and young children is sickening.  But, it is who they are.  Their hatred defines them. Hatred defines Israel.

More sinister now is the true motive behind the latest massacres.  Put simply, Israel has an energy crisis.  Gaza has around $4 Billion worth of Natural Gas waiting to be extracted.  Israel wants that gas, and it doesn’t want to pay for it.

Israel fears that if the Palestinians are allowed to manage and sell their own gas then they will no longer be poor, weak and at Israel’s constant mercy.  Israel cannot allow Palestinians to become wealthy or to be in any way self-sufficient.  Hence why the land grab, on the pretext of trying to stop homemade rockets, is under way right this minute.

Gas is ultimately what they are after.  And indeed, among the war crimes they are committing in order to take what they want, they are indiscriminately bombing and gassing Palestinian women and children.

Israel has to be stopped.  They must be made to compensate.  They must stand trial for their acts of genocide and all associated war crimes.  However they won’t.  Israel has too many friends in high places throughout the West, and so will, as always, remain unpunished.   We the people need to change this.