Handing over to Corbyn

my_picture (2)Anybody with a long term desire to wipe out the disaster that is the Labour Party will have been pretty dismayed that Generation Y, the spoilt Millennials, latched on to the crazy-mad granddad Jeremy Corbyn as some kind of Prophet figure.

Just as the extremists within Islam will terrorise and kill any who dare insult their Prophet, a similar evil has been awoken inside the Millennials.  Dangerous Millennials will use whatever they can to hound any who dare laugh and point at Corbyn.

Any Millennials daring to not follow the lead of Momentum or self-declared Corbynistas are immediately excluded from normal life.  They are hounded to death.

Faced with this reality about Corbyn and the Labour Party, plus the fact that the older and conservative Conservatives were dying, there was a need for a cunning plan.

So, the plan: Call a General Election, do whatever it takes to lose it, handing power over to the Millennial’s favourite granddad.  Then just wait a few years whilst Corbyn and Labour cocked everything up so much that nobody, not even the most blinded Corbynistas, would ever vote for them again.

It’s not been easy trying to alienate the Tory vote.  The so-dubbed ‘dementia tax’ was designed to alienate the old people.  Mrs May’s aloofness and inaccessibility alienated the middle ground.  The collection of catchphrases, and the general presentation of not caring along with being stoney faced and boring, actually made Corbyn appear to have actual charisma.

So far, all appears to be working.  The Tory plot to hand over Brexit negotiations to Corbyn’s crazies, and allow him to take the reins in order to break all his promises seems to be working.  Labour are polling really high.  Come the real poll, Corbyn will be the grand old granddad in charge of the coalition of chaos.

Break out the popcorn!


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  1. Eee, I like a nice bit of chaos. I have a liking for disruption. As a nearly-a-pensioner & already fairly senile, I guess I should sell my house now and buy an expensive campervan. In 10 years time, when my campervan is knackered, I shall turn up at a Labour council, exploiting my African heritage & claiming migrant status to get a council house & free care for life. If they refuse, I shall say “is it because I isn’t black?”.


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