Corbyn values you at £1 more than the Tories

When George Osborne introduced the Living Wage, he said that it would go up every year with an intention that it would hit £9 an hour by 2020. Corbyn has said that when he is in charge he will force employers to pay £10 an hour by 2020. A massive difference. Not!

Middle Class Corbyn pretends to be there for the low paid, yet values them at just a Pound more than the Tories. Hmmm.

Corbyn, who has never had a real job, an actual grafting job, in his life, says he wants to rid the country of Zero hours contracts. How exactly does this work for an employer that has very seasonal work to offer?

Heck, supposing Bob supplies scaffolding to building sites. When Bob gets a contract, he calls up the 20 ‘casuals’ (zero hour contractees) he has on his books and offers them scaffolding work. Bob certainly can’t afford to give these men fixed hours contracts. If he has no requirement for scaffolders for the next 2 or 3 weeks, under Corbyn he will be forced to pay the 20 ‘casuals’ contracted wages, whilst having nothing for them to actually do, and no income to pay them from. Under Corbyn, Bob will go bust.  But, hey, Corbyn hates private companies.  He only wants things to be state owned, so Bob deserves to go bust.

Anyhoo, not to worry. Corbyn wants to give everybody four extra Bank Holidays. Well, that’s fine for the banks and the public sector who actually get time off (Can you tell that Corbyn has only ever worked in the public sector?). Not so good for ordinary people.

These days, less and less workers get additional payment for working on a Bank Holiday, a Sunday, or any of the days off the privileged enjoy.  Small businesses, or the self employed, certainly can’t afford to pay themselves more on these days that Corbyn has decreed to be holidays for the few and not the many.

livingIndeed, returning to the living wage payments: Corbyn expects employers to just pay it. Somehow they have to find the money. So, they put their prices up.

Let’s say Bob, a different Bob, has a company that sells coffee. Currently he can sell it at £3 a cup. This allows him to just about make a modest running profit, and employ 10 workers at living wage. Corbyn has told Bob he must pay his workers more each hour. Or else. So, in order to pay 10 living wage bills, Bob’s coffee now has to sell for £4 a cup.

To a person on living wage, now getting paid more, the cup of coffee remains proportionately the same cost as when they were being paid less. Nobody wins. Well, except the taxman working for Corbyn, of course.

The higher the living wage in the UK, the more attractive the place becomes to workers from countries that pay a lot less. This leads to a dearth of available workers for a limited number of jobs, making it harder for those already here to find work.

Corbyn has promised that the country will be available for an uncontrolled free influx of foreign low-skilled workers, all guaranteed the high UK living wage. How can this be fair to the unemployed already here?

Actually, why aren’t we training the next generations how to do the various jobs that are needed? I mean, why aren’t we training the future generations of nurses, doctors, care workers? Why do we have to rely on foreigners coming over here to try to fill our internal labour shortages? Why aren’t we training builders, carpenters, manual workers? Why are we just teaching pretty pointless media studies and psychobabble subjects that we certainly don’t need workers in?

Maybe if schools stopped being used to indoctrinate children with bizarre left-wing ideology that turns them into Corbynistas, then tomorrow’s workforce could be properly homegrown, and worth more that an extra £1 to Corbyn’s Britain.