It’s not anti-Semitism, it’s anti-Israeli war machine

Naturally, anybody who dares stop for even 2 seconds to question the genocide in Palestine at the hands of Israel, is immediately called anti-Semitic.  I have been called anti-Semitic for daring to care about the children of Gaza.

I am not anti-Semitic.

I am anti-Israeli aggression.

See, I’m not even anti-Israeli.

But, playing the ‘race card’ and wailing ‘anti-Semite’ at anybody who dares question the actions of one group of ‘Semites’ as they herd an indigenous population into a tiny strip of land and make killing them a sport, won’t stop people like me who are outraged at what is going on.

Some say that there is brutality and cruelty happening in many places around the world, so why care more about the people of Gaza rather than the people of one of the other war-torn areas?

Ok, here’s the thing. Trying to point at other places as a form of justification is a distraction.  We’re not talking about other places.  We are talking about Palestine.  Or, more precisely, a tiny slither of Palestinian land called Gaza, around which Israel has built a huge wall.  A land that Israel constantly flies drones through. A land that the indigenous population are not allowed freedom of movement to and from. A land that Israel controls and slows the supply of medicine and humanitarian aid into. A land that is monitored and controlled at every point possible, from switching on and off power and water, to restricting TV, radio, telecommunications and internet.

Israel seems to do this for no good reason but to punish Palestinians for living on land they want. When they suddenly allow slightly more humanitarian aid in through their blockade, they seem surprised, hurt even, that the Palestinians are not down on their knees in thanks.

The big difference between the conflict in Palestine and the occupied territories and the other ‘race wars’ in other parts of the world is of course, the might of the Israeli war machine, paid for by mainly the USA.

Israel is not a poor third world country with tribes barely out of living on the land fighting an equal war.  It is a rich and extremely wealthy luxurious country, for the main part, and it has contributions to make to technological innovation and many other spoils of the ‘modern word’.  In this respect, it should know better.  It should be above the need to commit acts of genocide.

The war, if there is a ‘war’ rather than a massacre, is unbalanced.  The destruction of huge villages, thousands and thousands of homes, and so many children cannot be justified.

Despite this, Jews around the world, embedded in our media, our politics, our society, usually in positions of influence and ‘power’, control the pro-Israeli bias. They do this because of some deep rooted psychological and spiritual allegiance to Israel embedded in their brains from birth.  Israel is the centre of their universe and so is above reproach, to be defended at all costs.  Israel can do no wrong, and anybody questioning its activities is an enemy, is anti-Semitic, is to be shouted down, threatened or ridiculed.

The more ‘intelligent’ Jews working to push pro-Israeli propaganda, usually through news media or social media, will work to a set of half a dozen pieces of anti-Hamas, anti-Palestinian, anti-Palestinian supporter propaganda.  Their eyes are closed to what Israel is actually doing. This is the Jewish way.

Instead of screaming enough is enough, they will scream ‘anti-Semite’ into the faces of anybody asking why so many children have to die or be maimed for life.

Sadly, most Jews know no other reaction. It is, very sadly, taught from birth, passed down from generation to generation as a ‘right’.

A lot of Christians, especially those whose religion comes with some kind of ore of Jews, or, more likely, hatred or mistrust of Muslims, will instinctively close their eyes to the treatment of Palestinians.  They will join in with the ‘anti-Semite’ name calling, and want to believe that what Israel is doing is in some way justified.

However, killing children who are not old enough to even understand the very basics of why they are so hated and have been earmarked by Israel to die, is wrong. Very wrong.

It is not anti-Semitic to be completely disgusted by those who think targeting and killing children is ok, it is human.


  1. People who regurgitate the propaganda of one side are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Only someone who does not want to understand could deal with Gaza as though it’s isolated from at least 70 years of cynical manipulation for short term political advantage by Israel, the Palestinians, the backers of both sides (eg USA, Syria, Iran, Russia). Your posts are filled with the standard tropes of old-fashioned Jew-hatred: ‘the Jewish way’; Jewish control; the myth that Jews write about the Holocaust ‘as if the Holocaust was only a Jewish thing’. I am not calling you an anti-semite because you criticise Israel – they need criticism – but because you pick Israel out of the poisonous mess that is Middle East politics for blame, and then use anti-semitic tropes that would not be out of place in a German newspaper from 1936.


    1. Aha. When you are losing the argument, you compare somebody to the Holocaust machine of the Second World War. Textbook response.

      You are aware that the Arabs are Semites too, aren’t you? Or is that a fact you’ll be airbrushing from reality?

      I find it very hard to read the words of you Israel-apologists who enjoy the killing of so many children. Shame on you.


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