The midnight cash machine fix

They start gathering from about 23:45.  They mill around looking uncomfortable, frustrated, impatient. They mill around like drug addicts desperate for a fix. Ah yes, that’s because most of them are. They are waiting for Midnight.

At midnight, and the start of a new day, their dole money is credited into their accounts.  Every day a different set of claimants get their fortnightly money paid in at midnight, and so every day it’s a different set of people fidgeting and waiting to be able to draw theirs out.

This was just a random Monday into Tuesday, and so this was the lot that would be getting their cash for this day.  This was the queue for a typical cash machine in North Liverpool.  There’s even a taxi to the right that’s waiting for the girl you can’t see too well wearing pyjamas.

On this particular night there were no children.  It is very common to see very young children, children that should be in school the next day, dragged along to get the money so that mummy can get stoned.

So, here’s the thing. These are people who want to get their money out at midnight for one thing and one thing only.  There is no other reason for drawing out cash at midnight, they want to buy drugs.

Oh, and maybe some alcohol to keep them going.

If they are claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance, how are they going to be able to be available for a job search in the morning? If they are on some form of incapacity benefit, what’s their incapacity?

These people are taking the piss.  They are taking the piss out of the hard working tax paying people who are, in effect, paying for their drugs, for them to get wasted and not have to get up in the morning.  These people in this photo are scum.  They are scrounging scum.

We are obviously paying them far too much, if they can afford taxis to get to the cash machine to get their handouts.  We are obviously paying them far too much, if they can afford to spend it straight away on drugs.

The queue for the cash machine is followed by the queue for the phonebox and then the all-night off-licence.  The phonebox is used to place the drug order.  Sometimes the drugs arrive on pushbikes. Sometimes in 14 reg cars.  But every night at midnight there’s a hustle and bustle of activity at nearly all the cash machines.

These are people who refuse to work, yet expect us to pay for their lifestyle.

It seems to me that if a person is drawing out their benefit money at midnight, then the authorities paying it to them on our behalf should bring them in for questioning about how they are obviously being paid far too much.  They should also have their children taken away from them.

Ideally, of course, theses scroungers should all be quietly put to sleep.  They serve no function and add no value to the community.