St George’s Day is racist day

People who are not English, like for example people who claim to be ‘Scottish’, love to slag off St George’s Day.

This breaks down into two main things they just love to say.

Firstly, they love to point out the ‘non-English‘ nature of the legend of the Patron Saint of England, ‘St George’. Oh yes, it’s very important for them to mention that he has no connection to England, and most of the ‘golden’ legends and fables about him took place in the Middle East/North Africa.

It’s important to them to make St George as a patron saint in some way illegitimate.

Secondly, they love to de-construct the genetics of ‘English‘ people.  They explain with glee that we are a mongrel race, as if that somehow makes us less legitimate as a race than them.  Tossers!  (Caber tossers, I meant, of course)  Heck, all races are mongrels, such is the nature of evolution and expansion as humans migrate and populate the planet.

But, in the eyes of the haters, bunches of people wanting to celebrate St George’s Day is unacceptable.

Their own deep-rooted racism makes them shun those who are not part of or from ‘their’ country.  As with any racists, they hate outsiders. Inaccurately this form of racism is given the more polite label of ‘nationalism’.  It isn’t nationalism, it is racism.

And then they feel the need to make pronouncements about how English people being proud to be English in England is completely unacceptable to them.

It’s do as I say not as I do, for these anti-English racists.

And shame on the apologists and haters who live in England yet feel the need to ‘shut down’ anybody expressing a desire for a national ‘day’.

It’s time for the haters to leave.

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  1. St George was the only Turk to come here and not claim benefits.

    No wonder we made him a saint!


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