Respect will kill the gangs

If anything can be done to split-up the gang culture which started in the classroom and school playground under Tony Blair’s leadership and remains in place unaddressed to this day, then it needs to be done soon.

Whole generations are now growing up without true respect for humanity, property, or, anything.  They are reproducing and we now have generations begatting generations and all of them not understanding the concept of right and wrong or of true respect.

Respect or just art?

On a much smaller level, but really the same problem, I watched a couple of ten year old school-kids run into a phonebox (phone booth) in order to hide from school-friends they were playing a fairly innocent game with as they were heading home from school.  They didn’t do anything wrong, as such, but accidentally in their rush to hide in the phonebox, one of them pressed their back against the phone handset, which then fell out of its cradle, and dangled almost to the ground.

The boy who had caused this to happen then became aware that the handset was dangling down because it gently tapped him on his leg as it moved back and forth.

Now, to me, the logic at this point, and maybe what I would have done at his age, would be to put the handset back on the cradle.  However, he turned around and gave it a glare, almost a snarl to say how dare it tap him on his leg.  He then just ignored it.  The friends they were waiting to jump out on came by, they did the ‘boo’ bit, and then all moved away on their journey home.

The telephone handset remained dangling on its cord in the phonebox.

Ok, so there’s no real damage here, and one could easily say I’m over-reacting if this event ‘wound me up’, which it didn’t rather than just ‘interest’ me.  What it did do is illustrate perfectly the whole thing about respect.

Had there been the concept of respect, which includes an awareness of what’s happening around you, then the kid would have realised what he’d done in the first place.  Even if he hadn’t, on seeing the dangling handset, respect would have meant that he’d have wanted to pick it up and put it on the cradle.  Respect is about trying to fix things, to tidy as you go, even if it wasn’t you who was untidy in the first place.  So, almost as a natural instinct that kid should have wanted to put the handset back in the cradle, even if it had been let dangling by somebody else.

The lack of spacial awareness, lack of consequences, lack of respect must all be dealt with at home and at school.

Instead of a pre-occupation with teaching them that they are going to die because of man-made Global Warming or whatever the latest anti-humanity propaganda is that’s taught at school, drip feeding into their minds in order to make them feel lethargic and worthless, they all need to be taught respect and consequences.

Carrying on in the way we are is doing nothing but setting them up to be in fear of and ruled by spiteful feral children who operate a far stricter regime of consequences than we normal people do.

Being part of a gang gives the child, who then grows up to be a young adult in that gang, a feeling of worth.  A feeling of worth that the anti-humanity propaganda in schools takes away from them.  However, this feeling of worth comes at a high price.  They are fodder for the whims, greed and profit of the bullies they align themselves with.

Break this cycle by teaching self-worth, spacial awareness, respect, indeed, love, and things will start to grow better.

Respect will kill the gangs.