The video store is closing down

There’s a store that sells renewable energy type malarkey in Banks Road, West Kirby on the Wirral peninsular.  ‘Renewables’ and environmentalism is the perfect business to launch as there’s almost as much grant money and subsidies available as there is for producing climate change ‘research’.

Before they came along, this is the shop that closed, ‘Take Two Video‘.

A ‘video‘ store.


Who remembers ‘videos’?

Heck, I know the population of the Wirral peninsular is dominated by, well, the backward and challenged, but I didn’t realise they were still stuck in the days of Betamax and VHS videotape players.  Blimey!

Actually, thinking about it, what with the video store closing down, this must be the writing on the wall for Wirralites still owning video machines. I wonder if they will upgrade to DVD players.  Ha ha ha ha. ‘DVD players‘.  Yes, I made a joke, innit.

I do know some people, old people, who still have DVD players as a harp back to the old days when media such as films and TV series used to be stored on environmentally unfriendly, extremely wasteful portable media storage systems.  But, who in the modern world still uses such an archaic concept?

So, I’m not surprised the video store had to close down.  No malice intended, I of course wish the proprietors well in their next venture when they return from their well deserved long holiday, but, you know, even those who made axes out of flint had to give way to those who made them out of metal.