Follow my balls

I remember very little from the 1900s.  But I do recall a ceiling from when I was a child. It had random artexting in sort of half circle shapes. By carefully staring and following the lines I would try to imagine they were train tracks and that I was trying to get from one side of the room to the other. Invariably I couldn’t and would have to find some other track to start from. Many many happy hours were spent following tracks on that ceiling.

Fast forward 100 years to today. An equivalent of my old artexted ceiling has arrived in the shape of a collection of balls and a moving gif (above). (Shame on you if you are viewing via an old fashioned Apple device that can’t display moving gifs!) So, many many happy hours can now be spent by picking a ball and then following it.  Then pick another one and follow that. And then another.  Fantastic.