Box clever?

amazonpackingSo, I ordered two rolls of sticky-backed carbon fibre vinyl Fablon, using the trusty service of Amazon.

Two large boxes arrived. I mean, large boxes.  Each box was padded out with the air-filled plastic packaging. And there in the corner of the bottom was a single roll of Fablon. Two large boxes, each containing a single roll of Fablon.

Now, I’d been expecting them to arrive in poster tubes.  In theory, both rolls in one tube.  Or at the least two poster tubes.

But, if they had to be supplied in a large box, why not put both in one box?

It’s a mystery to me, but the Fablon’s good.

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  1. I recently ordered 8 boxes (7″ X 4″ X 1.5″ each) of powdered sweetener (I do a lot of Diabetic friendly baking) from Walmart. They doled out 8 large shipping boxes -with the usual bubble padding- over a 2 week period. All sent from the same location. All of which would have fit in just 1 of the boxes; with a bit of padding to prevent tumbling about.


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