Am I allowed to say this?

(A guest article written by Peter Moore)

In March 2010 a young man was stabbed and beaten to death in Victoria Station, London, during the rush hour and in view of many commuters. Whoever he was and whatever his background, this was a tragedy, whether he was George Andrews or Arthur Coster. In fact his name was Sofyen Belamouadden. He attended the Henry Compton School in Fulham.

The day before the killing, a pupil from St Charles Catholic College had been punched in the nose at Victoria and this may have created or worsened animosity between some pupils of both schools. The boy who was punched was one Melvin Mensah.

During the evening after Mensah was punched there was much communication between pupils via social networking to the degree that pupils of St Charles decided to enact revenge on their rivals.

On the evening on the 19th, 20 or so young people surrounded Sofyen and when he fell, they attacked him with knives and batons and a Samurai Sword. Having carried their attack weapons openly through the concourse of the station, they killed Sofyen and then scattered.

Arrests were made and in due course three people were convicted of his murder. They were :

Obi Nwokeh, Chris Omoregrie and Samson Odegbune.

Thereafter, three more people were convicted of Manslaughter. They were :

Adonis Akra, Samuel Roberts and Femi Oderinwale.

Finally, two persons Tyrone Richards and Enoch Amoah were convicted of GBH.

Central to this matter is the one woman in the case, Victoria Osetuku. Before the event she had confided in fellow pupil Stephanie Omniuni that someone was going to die. After the killing, Ms Omniumi says that Victoria was gloating about this.  She also seemingly liaised with a pupil from the rival school, one Raheen Keane. At lunchtime prior to the killing, Osetuku visited an Argos store to buy and presumably then hand out a quantity of kitchen knives to the assailants. She was also the last to leave the scene of the killing after giving the dying Sofyen a final kick. She has also been convicted of manslaughter.

In recent days another trial ended where one Junior Bayode was convicted, but as the jurors could not agree whether his crime was manslaughter or murder there may be a retrial.

Now, I will not say that young people called Sam Smith or Frederick Jones do not visit violence on each other, but clearly few if any of the criminals or others listed above are British. Either they are immigrants or born to immigrants.

How have we created the situation where they can so casually plan and equip themselves for murder and then carry out that murder in public in the middle of London. As the saying goes. ‘We have sown the wind and now we are reaping the whirlwind‘.

I am sure that many racists will say ‘Excellent, one foreigner dead and many more behind bars‘. I do not say that by any means. What I do say is that I am actually frightened to raise the subject of the nationality of these criminals and their parents and to ask why they are here. Surely I should not be frightened to say this.

Peter Moore.
(Guest Author)


  1. Peter, the first thing to say is I fully respect your views on this. I read the article on this crime in The Guardian and was as horrified as you although what stood out for me was that these were all A-level students, not mindless yobs. What I do despair of, though, is when people start talking about “foreigners”. We all live on a small planet, an insignificant rock in galactic terms, and there are hundreds of billions of galaxies! However, despite looking we have as yet not detected any indications of intelligent life anywhere in the universe. To me therefore it seems silly to refer to fellow members of our species from a different part of this small rock as strange threatening “foreigners”. Such an attitude was understandable centuries ago when few ventured far from their home village, but in todays global age?

    Your radio station in its offshore days did much to promote understanding simply by addressing an audience of several nations. We all remember programmes where the presenter would switch from English to Dutch mid sentence!

    These violent attacks are scary, but justice has now been done (not much help to the victim I know) so can we try to do something about violence (dare I say promoting LA 🙂 ) instead of blaming nasty “foreigners”?


  2. Since i no longer live in England or the UK, perhaps i am allowed to say that as well: what were the Great British people doing whilst watching the “bloody foreigners” kill each other in bright day light – being British about it, as in “splendid” isolation, or perhaps just Darwinian, as in “only the strong survive”!? Is THAT something to aspire to, by any chance!? well, if that is so, why complain? assuming so called “foreigners” indeed exert certain violent potential hitherto unknown to the peace loving Britons, how did they get there in the 1st place? must we really revisit the great British blessing over its former colonies&the subsequent cheap labour import, not to mention slavery? you only get what you give, i suppose – had so called foreigners (what about those actually contributing to UK's GDP?) been given at least half as much as they were deprived of (not just in privileges), i'm sure they'd have other hobbies..same applies to all those English/British “disengaged” AND underprivileged teenagers, UK produced more than enough to produce a riot. The question rather is – can you AFFORD to say this? UK's supposedly a free-speech country & maybe that is all there is it..


  3. Good Morning,
    I will start by replying to' The Lakes ', who was good enough to respond. The signal from Radio Caroline went in all directions and thus covered areas other than the UK. The ship was at times placed off the Dutch coast since the laws enacted in the UK to suppress offshore radio had not been enacted in Holland. The Dutch programming sent from the ship, along with the American religious programming, was sent, pure and simple, to make money. Naturally, with English and Dutch staff on the ship each learned some elements of the others language. But it was all a business arrangement, not an early attempt at multi culturalism. That is just your own impression.
    I am going to disregard your comments about the galaxy. I am interested in what happens on my doorstep.

    In a non racist way, there are more people in the UK than there are jobs. Also there are some jobs that the existing population do not want to do as they have become lazy and insulated by the welfare system that pays them to do nothing. What is needed is the same as a bus where all the seats are taken and all the standing room occupied. You do not let any more people on the bus.
    When a balance happens between the working age population and the work available and those who do not take offered work stop being given money, then it may well be possible to say that we have room for 1.000, or 10.000 useful people from abroad.
    As for those here, it is difficult to resent them if they take work that a lazy Brit will not take. But what is the point of importing more and more people to perpetuate this situation.
    Now, you say that the people mentioned in my original comments were not ' mindless yobs. but A level students. Sadly they were A level students who thought it quite normal to avenge some minor ' disrespecting ', by equipping for and committing public murder. That is not the ' great big melting pot ' that I wish to see.
    These young people will now never be of any use to British Society. Their education, paid for by the State, has been wasted and they will always be a drain on society in the same way as their parents ' maybe, but not certainly ' already are.
    People who embrace multiculturalism, don't live on the same street as it.

    Peter Moore.


  4. Hi,
    Now I have time to answer Mimi. You will not know Mimi that it took only 12 seconds for these attackers to surround, fell and kill the unfortunate young man. Maybe stop for a moment and count up to twelve, the time passes quickly.
    It may be difficult, on the grounds that one does not expect to see a planned murder on your evening commute, to first grasp what is happening and then formulate a plan and execute the plan in 12 seconds before the assailants flee.
    Further, and this would be my view, I would use my phone or look for a Policeman as a cover for being too cowardly to try and grab a fleeing armed youth. Maybe I would also end up the ground stabbed or maybe if I brought the youth down and he fell on his sword, I may be charged with GBH or worse.

    I am not going to beat myself up over slavery as a long, long, long, long term reason for this incident. It is like the Irish persistently talking about the potato famine. Eventually the term ' get over it ' has to be used. The Brits, Dutch, Portugese etc etc etc all nicked huge amounts of territory. The Maoris were conned out of New Zealand but they had arrived long before from Polynesia and nicked it off the existing population.
    So, what happened happened, it cannot be corrected, but I'm not about to say 'Hey, I'm sorry what the forefathers of my forefathers may potentially have done to the forefathers of your forefathers, so please come to my home town and behave like savages '.
    As for the riots, the catalyst was when a career criminal, with one of those unusual surnames was killed by the Police. It was not that the ' people ' rose up over the injustice of it, maybe there was no injustice. It was in part since an element of society said ' well, dealing drugs is just what we do and we don't want to be hampered in doing so ', while others saw a huge chance to ' liberate consumer goods '. I saw little looting of bread and beans or milk to feed the kiddies of the disadvantaged. I saw a lot of looting of Nike trainers, mobile phones, designer clothes and flat screen TV sets.
    The term disadvantaged may mean these days that I want a plasma TV with surround sound and a full Sky package and I don't see why I should not have it.

    Peter Moore.


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