Apostrophe abuse in Liverpool

Up to 60% of a sofa’s WHAT?

Up to 60% off a mattress’s WHAT?


Sadly, I suspect that there is no word intended after the apostrophe in “sofa’s” or “mattress’s”.  I fear that it is just another case of apostrophe abuse.

This awful printed and displayed (in multiple places) example of complete ignorance when it comes to the English language, was all over a very large department store sized shop just up a bit from Liverpool’s recently £55Million refurbished central library.  Why did they bother to spend all that money on a place holding books when Scousers are so illiterate?

The scary thing is that nobody knows what’s wrong with the poster!


  1. IS this a clever ploy to elicit comments Christopher? I was taught that the Apostrophe AFTER the “s” denotes ownership. The apostrophe before denotes the letter “i” is missing as in what’s up / what is up


    1. You’re not wrong. So, on the sign the words are either ‘sofa is’ or sofa’s [something it owns], and ditto with the ‘mattress’s’. And, for that matter, how come no apostrophe+s after all the other word? 🙂


  2. The school’s policy, in common with other schools’ policies, is that the school’s closed when it’s too cold. It’s its policy to close when it’s too cold like two other local schools. Innit?


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