My So-shell Meeja Strategy

I have been considering what I should be doing and where, when it comes to my use of social media or social networks.  But, alas, I’m confused.  One of my main sources of confusion is the incredibly handsome James Cridland.

Not only does James know a lot about soshell meeja, almost as much as me, but he knows a lot about radio, almost as much as me. So, that’s double the respec’ innit.

I don’t know how many social networks James uses.  But, from my central observation platform I manage to spy him on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.  I’m pretty sure he’s on LinkedIn and Quora too.  Probably many other places, places I’ve not visited for eons, places that are far away on the ‘dark web’, places that I can’t even hint at knowing about.  Plus of course there are those places he owns and runs like Media UK, and beyond.

Some while ago I realised that he will post on each network subtly differently.  This slightly annoyed me.  I mean, under what criteria did he decide what was to go where?  And, when it was the same, but with maybe a tiny wee difference, what drove him to make that tiny wee difference?

I didn’t lose many weeks of sleep tossing and turning trying to fathom his raison d’être, but I got an inferiority complex.  This is odd, because normally I just know I’m superior to him in so many ways.

Unlike James, my social media strategy as Christopher England (I have involvement in other non-Christopher England strategies, to be fair) is somewhat basic and designed to minimise effort.

You can tell can’t you?

Probably this is because I don’t really ‘use’ social media that much, and I do spend a lot of time offline in quite large lumps of, well, time.  Lumps big enough to mean that I lose continuity with those who might live every waking moment on social media (not that I’m dissing that).

However, this is followed by me having near 24 hour sessions online as Christopher England.

That’s when I write stuff.

If something is long, it goes on me blog.  If it is short, it goes on Google+.  Simples.

Then, by magic a few hours later, the lovely copies whatever I’ve written on me blog or Google+ across to Facebook, Twitter, and I think LinkedIn.  Maybe somewhere else, too. I can’t remember.  (I really must find out.  But, it’s so much effort.)

So, I only have to write whatever it is I’m writing once.  People stuck in the world of Facebook without realising that there is a much larger internet out there, get to see what brilliance I have unleashed onto the world.  And Twitter people get a teaser and a link.  Lord knows what LinkedIn folk get.  (I must go and find out.  Sigh.  When I can be arsed.)

LinkedIn is far too real and sensible for me to inhabit, so I tend not to go there.  As for Quora, well it’s lots and lots of words, innit.  Too many words.  Brain ache.

Anyway, so what I do do is snoop across Twitter and Facebook, and always respond on any platform a person responds to me on.  That’s because I’m a good boy.

I might write ‘Bottom Burps are green‘ on Google+, and because it is copied across to Facebook and Twitter, then find I’m engaging in a thread of a conversation about ‘Bottom Burps‘ on Facebook, and maybe a slightly different thread of conversation about ‘Bottom Burps‘ on Twitter.  You get me, innit?

Yes, it’s lazy not to think ahead and to customise content for each platform, and I have failed my audition to become the controller of adverts and localness-pretence on a Borg radio network.

So, here’s the thing.  Maybe I should be more like James.  Maybe I shouldn’t just be imitating a quasi-national Borg radio network.  Maybe I should consider my audience on a platform by platform basis.  Maybe I should craft my art on a more professional level, treating people like people rather than a bunch of sheep that I can treat the same wherever they may be.

But, unless I suddenly become James Cridland, this is going to take effort on my part.  Effort from which I am so easily distracted.  I mean, sometimes just putting up a blog post a day is an effort.  Sometimes I am a very busy (and important) man.  Other times, as I said I am far too easily distracted.

However, I am going to make an effort.  No more distractions.  Starting right this minute, nothing will distract me!  I will profile my differing audiences, and I will learn their needs.  I will concentrate my efforts on this and only OH MY GOD, A CUTE KITTEN !