Socialist lies, bedroom tax and immigration

(A guest article written by Andy Richards)

Despite what the Coalition Government says, immigration is still out of control. Yes, they have made it a little more difficult, but these people are clever and desperate.  Much as I would like to save the world, we are a small country and struggling already.

We can’t do much about EC immigration and now the Bulgarians and Romanians are coming too! Actually, there are loads here already.  But the Africans and especially the Asians are the biggest problem, because there are MILLIONS of them. They keep finding a way in.

I have Sri Lankans working for me on Dutch passports. Brazilians on Italian passports.

Portugal is the worst.  Obviously some Brazilians and Angolans can claim Portuguese passports and a handful of Indians too.  But I have LOADS of Indians on Portuguese passports and most of them can’t even speak Portuguese!

It’s a never ending mess.

Someone needs to sort it out now.

But it’s probably too late already.

Now, here’s a message to all free thinking individuals:  If you are a believer in individual freedom and hate government control, you will hate Socialists and their various Lefty partisans as much as I do.

Here in the UK the next week will see painful and pathetic scenes unfold. But relax. The Left are committing voluntary suicide.  Just give them enough rope.  Sit back and watch them destroy themselves.

Remember the Poll Tax?
It never existed, of course, just a successful propagandist twist by the Socialists on what was actually called The Community Charge.
Do you see what they did there?  Yeah, and they did the same with what they call “The Bedroom Tax”, which isn’t even a tax, but they took it a step further.
Can anyone actually tell me what was wrong with The Community Charge?
I always thought it was one of the fairest ideas to come out in Maggie’s reign.  And yet the country went BESERK against it! Why?
In my house there is me, my wife and two grown up kids. We all work.
Next door is a single widow on her own.  Why should she have to pay the same Council Tax as me Under the Community Charge we would pay four times as much as her.  We use four times as much services. Sounds fair to me.
So what was the problem?
There wasn’t one.  I bet NOBODY comes back to me on this one, because they have no answer.
That was another Socialist lie.
I can’t believe the stupidity and class hatred that prevails in the UK.
The main problem this country has right now is not enough jobs, not enough money and too many people. All these problems were caused by The Labour party’s politically motivated opening of the floodgates of immigration. All these people came here seeking work and got jobs because they work hard and for the minimum wage. Which leaves a huge swath of unemployed Brits, which we have to pay benefits to.  Then, there is the strain on hospitals, schools and other public services. Where exactly do British people benefit in all this?
And in the meantime there are twots out there blaming the useless Tories for all this, just because they hate toffs!
The Tories aren’t in power. They share power with a Socialist party called The Lib Dems, and it was Labour that caused the problem anyway.
It’s enough to send you nuts!
About the “Bedroom Tax”.  There is no such thing. It is a lie.  It is actually a housing benefit cut for people whose homes are too big for their needs. They have a choice. Pay for the difference and enjoy the luxury of a spare room. Or down size.

Many hard working people not claiming housing benefits have to sleep with 2, 3 or more to a bedroom. They have no choice.

Does this seem fair to you?

Free up the properties for people that really need them!

The “Bedroom Tax” is a typical Socialist lie.

As we all know, a lie repeated often enough becomes the accepted truth. Socialists and Nazis have both used this type of propaganda to their advantage many times.

This is just another instance.

Don’t cry for the person living in a large home with housing benefit paid.  Cry for the poor hard workers in cramped homes.

Andy Richards
(Guest Author)

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  1. With you all the way there !

    I think it is normal to start with the comment ' of course I am not a racist ' but I am not going to bother. Beyond the natural anxiety about people who speak and behave differently to me, this is just about arithmetic.
    We have 2.5 million people without jobs in the UK and yet we are letting more people in. Each one has to live ' somewhere ' and obtain money by some means whether it be by taking a job for low wages, claiming benefit, working in the black econony or committing crime.

    The Government do not control the country, they are just the branch managers running the UK according to the Head Office, which is in Brussels or maybe Strasbourg acording to which day of the week it is. So all Cameron and Clegg can do is to fiddle around with the fine details whilst ' appearing ' to be doing.

    The required action is just too drastic for them to contemplate namely to secure our borders ( we did it in the war ) halt immigration and remove those many people who are here but should not be.
    Then expand the economy to a situation of full employment.

    Finally, to say to people who want to come here ' OK we have room for xxxxxx new people, please tell us if you are in funds, what employable skills you have, do you speak at least reasonable English and can you assure us that you will not in due course import also ecah and every one of your relatives. Will you also pledge alliegance to the laws of the UK, not the laws that you will be leaving behind '.

    Then we can welcome newcomers under our terms.

    Just to say, my local ' Everything Shop ' is run by a delightful Indian couple. They work long hours and are impeccably pleasant and polite. They have an elegant daughter who has graduated with a prestigious medical degree, but when she comes home she takes her turn at the till to give her parents a break.

    In doing so she is ogled by shambling scum who come in to buy their fags and lottery tickets and,to be fair,these people are indigenous English, milking the benefit system just as comprehensively as the immigrants may do. So we have a home grown problem also.

    When I left school, any monkey ( myself included ), could get a job albeit at a menial level. These basic jobs have gone since we do not manufacture things any more. That is another thing that needs to be addressed, but if we need some new railway trains ( for instance ) we cannot reserve that contract for a UK firm as the bosses back at Head Office say we cannot do that.

    Grrr !

    Peter Moore.


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