The pretend Voice of Peace

On May 19th it will have been 40 years since the Israeli propaganda radio station, Voice of Peace, started broadcasting.

Thankfully the station only lasted for about 20 years, dying in 1993.  That is, however, 20 years of hatred and anti-Palestinian propaganda too many.

Radio ‘anoraks’ fondly remember the Voice of Peace.  They do this because they were blissfully unaware of the true purpose of the radio station, excited instead by the fact that it was broadcasting from a ship anchored a little way off the coast of Tel Aviv.  Broadcasting from a ship will, to any radio anorak, immediately absolve a radio station of any and all sins.  To hide the true function of the radio station, mainly British ego-tripping teenagers and early 20s lads were hired as the ‘disc jockeys’.

Despite only 2% of those living in Israel having English as a mother tongue, and, at the time, virtually nobody of Arabic descent living in the Palestinian territories that Israel was occupying, guarding, or fighting, was capable of speaking English, the irony of this escaped radio anoraks.

Realistically, the ship was broadcasting solely to European tourists for most of the day.  Nobody of any consequence in Government or obsessed with killing those living in Gaza or the West Bank could understand what the British pop programming was all about, so any genuine message about peace the ego-trippers might have uttered wasn’t being heard.

Indeed, there never was any real message about peace broadcast by those British ego-trippers on board.  To them it was an exciting holiday, a fun adventure, part of the rite of passage of the post school years. Most had no idea about the actual politics of the day, or how they were nothing but pawns in a game they knew not the simplest explanation of.  But, that’s the ignorance of youth.

From time to time the real message was actually broadcast.  It would interrupt ‘normal’ programming, much to the annoyance of the kids who would have their ego-tripping session shortened or curtailed.

The ego-trippers honestly believed they were doing some kind of good, and will recall with misty eyes, how they were part of the imaginary ‘peace movement’.  More importantly, they will recall how great they were on the radio, how good they all sounded, how they talked up to the vocals on the records they played, and all the silly stuff that radio anoraks also love to get excited about.

Hence the complete ignorance about what was really going on.

On May 19th, the tribute to the Voice of Peace being put together by a bunch of Jewish radio anoraks will of course only harp on about those imaginary ‘good old’ days of British ego-trippers playing at English speaking pop radio for Israel.

At no point will they use it as an opportunity to apologise for the atrocities they regularly commit against the ‘goyim’ (‘cattle’, as non-Jews, especially Palestinians, are referred to) they keep trapped inside the concentration camp of Gaza.  At no point will they discuss what they can do to work towards actual peace in the region.  At no point will they call on other, more militant Jews, to stop systematically hurting other humans, taking away their homes and businesses, and starving them to death.

Nope, they’ll be far too busy talking up to the vocals on the old records they’ll be playing.