Watching the Moral Decline

Facebork tends not to have a lot of conversations of any worth.  It tends towards a lot of people shouting in small rooms to small bunches of people who only see every other shout, due to the odd way Facebork feeds ‘highlights’ rather than every post, to ‘Friends’.  Facebork isn’t ‘publishing’ friendly.  Also, a lot of people on Facebork are indoctrinated ‘lefties’.

So, I thought I’d grab some of the brave words of one lone (as in, a free thinker) Faceborker, Andy Richards, and bring them here from time to time in order to preserve some of the things he has to say, and to share them with the world outside of Facebork.

Over to Andy Richards:

This post is for all, but I am especially interested in what people that are not British think.

Besides “the bedroom tax” (I hate that term), the next big moan British people have against government reforms is the “benefit cap”.  In the past, people on benefits could claim unlimited benefits, including one based on the number of children they had.  This is now to be capped at the average UK salary of £26,000 a year.

I still think this is generous.

People are complaining about this!

Furthermore, the rise in these benefits is to be capped at 1% per year.

People are complaining about this!

The reality is that hard working families on the average salary of £26,000 a year, on which they pay taxes, are actually not getting any rises at all!  In fact many working people in the UK have not seen a rise for 5 years or more!

The people complaining that they are hard done by are having their benefits paid for, in the main, by hard working people who are struggling themselves!

(In the meantime,we have seen a huge leap in the number of people finding employment since these changes were announced………….case proven M’Lud!)

The moral decline of the UK is really beginning to depress me.

It started with little things, like car drivers not letting people out of side roads with a friendly smile and a wave and then when they started to use their horns when people were not moving forward in a traffic jam and now driving across pedestrian crossings when people are ready to cross.

Then the cyclists came.  No laws apply to them. Cycle through red lights, swear and shout at car drivers and pedestrians alike, ride on the pavement, not using lights at night and then complaining that cyclists are being killed on the roads because of bad drivers?

Then came the spitting in the street and the return of TB.  People owning vicious dogs that they allow to shit everywhere.  People drinking on street corners and on public transport.

Then came the end of queues, everyone just shoving themselves to the front.

Looting became acceptable to some, and now showing total disrespect by mocking the recently dead.  What a load of scum!

Thatcher in death may yet be a huge turning point for the UK.  Broadly speaking, there are two types of people in the UK.
1) Freedom lovers. That is people who believe in individual freedom and a lack of government control.
And 2) “Stateists”.  People who believe that The State know’s best and the people should do as they are told.

I don’t need to tell you which types of people fall into which groups, but obviously they are both a huge and varied bunch.  But “The Stateists” are The Labour Party, The Liberal party and even some members of the current Tory party. Along with The BNP and other Fascists and all other Socialist and Communist groups.

Count yourself as a “Stateist”?

The trouble with us freedom lovers is that we are just that: We love freedom and allow people freedom. But, this can go too far. Especially if it is taking away our own freedoms.

The “Stateists” have never cared for freedom. All they want is control.

We need to wise up and start to speak our minds instead of just allowing other people the freedom to take away our own freedom.

Be like Thatcher.

Speak your mind and be damned of the consequences!

Now, that is real freedom!

Andy Richards
(Guest Author)