Will we survive the coming Ice Age?

Throughout human history, which quite clearly in itself is but a speck of dust on the pages of our planet’s phenomenal history, we have had to deal with the constantly oscillating climate.  That’s climate evolution, part of which includes global warming followed by global cooling.

It has become clear that places like Greenland were so called because when first discovered by the Vikings they were lush and, well, green.  They discovered them around the time of what’s referred to as the ‘Medieval Warm Period‘, a spurt of time when climate oscillation left Europe baking in the heat, so much so that vines were happily being grown in England to produce wine, and it uncovered normally iced-over land such as Greenland.

Hence why the Vikings settled in Greenland, and built communities that lasted for centuries. But by the mid 1300s they failed in their battle with failing crops and the starvation of their livestock when eventually the ice marched over the land and sea, as the Medieval Warm Period ended.

At the same time as the Norse settlements in Greenland were abandoned, the Inuit, who had long established the ability to ‘adopt and survive’ were able to meet the changing situation and survive using a different approach to finding and cultivating food than the more traditional one the Vikings had brought with them from Europe.

So, as we are now faced with the need to change and adapt in order to survive the coming mini-Ice Age as temperatures continue to drop throughout Europe (and the North Americas), will we take the Inuit route or the Viking one?

I think that with far more technology and understanding surrounding us than was available in the 1300s, we will be able to deal with it technically.  But what about politically?

The only real problem we have is the stranglehold on our industries that the highly funded eco-loonies, left-wing global warming religion and lobby currently has.  By putting their pointless carbon taxes onto everything they can, and funding silly green ideas instead (like wind-farms that aren’t able to function to generate electricity when they are iced-up), they are not actually allowing us to start preparing for the coming era of long frozen winters and soggy summers, which will be with us for at least the next 70 years or so.

Indeed, fuel prices are already rocketing and putting thousands into fuel poverty because of their carbon taxes.

Will the long extended periods of freezing kill off the elderly and poor?  It certainly killed thousands back in the previous mini-Ice Age that covered Britain.  I suspect that because of our unpreparedness it will take the staking up of bodies in local mortuaries before Governments wake-up and react to the real needs of society to deal with climate evolution.  Unfortunately, everything is skewed the wrong way because of the global warming religion.

Generally speaking though, we will survive.  We lived through periods of iced-over rivers and unworkable farmland before.  This time we are far more technologically advanced, and assuming sea-ice doesn’t cause too much disruption, we are far more geared towards importing goods from warmer climes, or genetically modifying food and growing it ‘inside’ rather than leaving it out in the snow and ice.

It’ll be fine; most of us will survive, so don’t panic!