Too much money, too much time

They say that North Liverpool is a poor place.  The locals are all work-shy and so therefore have no money to spend on anything but their drugs and alcohol.  Oh, and football.

The outrageously expensive hobby of attending either Everton football club or Liverpool football club (apparently one was originally supported by Catholics, the other by Protestants) adds to what can only be described as my confusion over the alleged poorness of Liverpudlians.

I think there’s a lot more money around than Scousers like to make out.  And it is being used by those who take football very seriously.  I don’t mean the droves of oriental looking fans who make pilgrimages to take each other’s photo outside the ground, and spend a fortune inside the shop (Why does LFC attract so many complete foreigners from the other side of the planet?). The locals seem to take it very seriously too.

Like, for example, the chap who rented an advertising trailer and dragged it around the Liverpool football ground.  Round and round he went with his board with the stick-on letters asking, “Is Ian Ayre selling L.F.C again?” only moving on when asked not to stop on double yellow lines.

Not being a football anorak, I have no idea what this is about.  A quick search couldn’t find me anything specific to latch onto as the reason for this chap to waste his time in such a way.

How could he afford this anyway?  It was during the day, so does he work nights?  Or is he a retired millionaire with a fetish for making points outside of football grounds?

He certainly couldn’t have been one of the very poor Scousers we keep hearing about.