Sunday morning’s with Steve and Suzy

I have ‘anoraked’ about Steve and Sue before.  Oh yes, I have.  Both on this fine blog and elsewhere, I have had to declare my love and unfettered adulation for this radio ‘couple’.

Actually, are they a couple?  They might be a real couple in real life. Except for the fact that Steve sounds exceedingly camp and possibly gay.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  It is actually quite essential!

Let me calmly start from the beginning.

Every Sunday morning between 10am and 12noon, on internet only radio station ‘Big L‘, weekday breakfast presenter Steve James and weekday mid-morning presenter ‘Suzy‘ (what is her surname?) double team and co-present a radio show that makes me laugh.

I either listen live every week or I listen as soon as I can via the listen again facility.  I have to admit that the show is the best thing on the radio at the moment.  Indeed, I can actually listen to them via my lovely Pure internet radios by the side of my bed, in the kitchen, or at work.

The radio station Big L is stylised on the original offshore radio station from the 1960s, called Radio London, known more affectionately as Big L.  In this respect, normal programming is a little old fashioned in sound and dominated by records from the 1960s and earlier.  Under normal circumstances I couldn’t possibly expose myself to any of it.  My head explodes and my entrails melt whenever I’m within earshot of old records.

However, Steve and Suzy on a Sunday isn’t really about the records being played.  It’s about the ‘stuff’ going on inbetween the records.

What does go on, you ask?

Ok, Suzy has a succession of old jokes, some quite long, and she also has some comedy horoscopes to read out.  She does it really well, sounding like a lovely articulate cheeky sister not sure if she can tell you a slightly naughty joke.  Not that the jokes are ‘adult’ or really naughty, of course.  They are probably a little politically incorrect by modern standards.  But that’s because modern standards are stupid.

She also reads out the interaction via email or text.  Entwined in this are some no-prize competitions, with listeners trying to guess the sample of a song, or picking which three songs should be played in a row during what old fashionedly is referred to as a set ‘tea break’ mid-way through the show.

Complementing Suzy‘s friendly and happy sounding voice is the voice belonging to Steve.  In this particular set-up his main function is to get the giggles and heartily (and genuinely infectiously) laugh.  He also comes across as if he is bumbling and not quite sure what he is doing.  In contrast to Suzy, Steve just can’t do anything but sound camp.

So, when described coldly like this it does come across as something that you should quite rightly say “Whatever” to, I agree.  But it works.  It works well.   It is a very listenable to radio show, with a very high level of professionalism to it.  It isn’t just a pair of idiots messing around. There is something to it that makes it work so well.

All the right elements are there.  From the voices they have, through the chemistry they project, to the quality of the jokes and funny stories, all knitted together with over-the-top jingles, drop-ins, sound effects and music, the show can’t fail to raise a smile.

The only real shame is that being an unlistened to internet radio station, the responses and audience participation seems to always be from the same 5 or 6 names.  It needs to have a heck of a lot more.  The only way for this to happen would be for this pair to get picked up by a ‘real’ radio station that broadcasts through the air.  I hope that happens sooner rather than later.

‘Ave a listen.  Either tune in here on Sunday from 10am till 12noon, or click through to the listen again facility.  Last week’s show mp3 is here. And of course, a search for ‘Big L‘ on the TuneIn app for mobiles or Pure internet radio system will also find them.


  1. Hi,
    I feel that in this show the music is not treated as terribly important whilst silliness, humour and chat is for sure the focus.

    On the other hand there are stations that treat the music very seriously and are keen to avoid humour, chat or arguably personality. Trying to think of an example to demonstrate my point..any thoughts?


  2. PS the article is a good summary – I listened for the first time last week on the strength of your previous diatribe about it. At first I found Suzy's voice like a radio 4 comedienne impersonating an 80 year old. or indeed the little known phone girl from radio Floss a century ago. I am learning to live with that feeling. Agreed there seem to be about 4 contributors, but hopefully at least they are real people, including Gerhard the German guy who came out with quite a good joke last week. years ago I used to do made up horoscopes with a pal on hospital radio – the two of us found it very funny. A little like Steve Wright you have to ignore the music and listen to the bits in between and these bits in between are refreshing.


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