Socialists versus Freedom Lovers

(A guest article by Andy Richards)

Since Margaret Thatcher died many Socialists, Socialist supporters and even Socialist deniers have come out of their caves to sprout obnoxious propaganda, lies and half truths.

I haven’t actually seen any real Socialists on Facebook. These people are serious, know there stuff, are evil and dangerous and have no time for “frivolities” like Facebook. But there are many ill informed Socialist supporters on Facebook.

These people are what the Socialists refer to as “Useful Idiots”. They spew the party dogma without thinking. They have certain views and opinions, have looked quickly across the political spectrum and decided that Socialism is the caring party they will support, without looking at facts, history or using their own minds at all.

Then there are the “Socialist Deniers”. These are people who spew forth Socialist dogma at every opportunity, yet when accused of being a Socialist deny it!  “What me? A Socialist?”  Of course you are.  You fell into their trap without even realising it.  Let’s look at a few facts here.

Socialism is not about freedom. Socialism is a negative politics. Socialism has no faith in the human race.  Socialism believes that “the State” (Socialist State) knows best. They will control everything and all will be well.

Freedom Lovers believe in freedom of the individual.  They also trust humanity.  “The State” serves the people. Not the other way round as the Socialists believe. And we trust the inherent “Goodness” of human beings. This is positive politics.

Both ideologies have problems. The Socialist one is obvious. Who takes power? Who says they know best?  The Freedom Lovers problem is that people can get things wrong. But when they suffer for it and have the power to change things, will learn quickly and adapt.

I trust people more than I trust Government.

By far the biggest lie touted by Socialists is that they are “The Caring Party”.  They “care” about the ordinary man in the street, the poor, the old and the disabled.

No they don’t!

Why would a “Caring Party” allow so many of its own citizens to lead unfulfilled lives on benefits whilst importing masses of immigrants to take all the work, leaving their own people with no sense of pride and a dependence on “The State”?

Cynical political motives: The people on benefits will vote for the Socialists to keep their benefits, the immigrants will vote for the Socialists so they can stay in the country.

But most of the people on benefits would actually prefer to be working.  Think about it.  Imagine if you lost your job, could no longer afford your mortgage or rent and two “Samaritans” came to your aid.  The first offered you £20,000 no questions asked.  The second offered you a job at £20,000 a year. Which would you take?

I think most people have enough pride to say to the first “Samaritan” thanks, but no thanks.  Because they would feel guilty and indebted to that person.  Instead they would take the job.

This is a fundamental that The Socialists do not understand:  Human pride.

If you don’t understand that idea of human pride,you are probably a Socialist and beyond saving.

The second big lie Socialists use is that “Businessmen”, “Entrepreneurs”, “Innovators” exploit the workers to make huge profits for themselves.

They do not “exploit” the workers. They are taking a “big cut” in the profits because it was their idea and they risked their money investing in the business!  The workers have a choice.  They can work for him, not work for him, or go off and start their own business!

Without these companies being formed what else would these workers do?

The third big lie Socialists use is the disparity of wealth argument. The gap between rich and poor.  What does it matter if the rich got 20% richer last year if the poor got 10% richer?  Socialists would prefer the rich to become 20% poorer and the poor 10% poorer, in the interests of equality.

Makes no sense.  Divide and rule is what that is about!

I could go on for hours, but I know I’ll bore you all to tears, so let’s cut to the finish.

I don’t trust politicians or governments of any colour.

What would you prefer?  Big government that taxes you heavily and promises to supply you with all you need?  Or small government that taxes you less, allowing you to have enough money to supply yourself?

Andy Richards
(Guest Author)

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  1. Shouldn't a true “Freedom Lover” as described above be an anarchist, then? Surely in this day and age of technology there is no longer a need for the public to be represented (usually by someone completely out of touch with how real people have to live due to an upper class background) and we could have something like a monthly online referendum on all issues. Just think of the MP's expenses bills it would save!


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