Time to clear out the alcies and the druggie scum

Last night the Accident and Emergency Units of hospitals around the UK were full.  They’ll be full again tonight.  They are always fuller when it’s the ‘weekend’, the end of the month, and a full moon. Not to mention the awful run-up to Christmas and New Year.

Within them will be the genuine casualties, the normal people who have had an accident or been taken ill.

However, these normal people are being left to die because of the scum.  The scum are stretching the Accident and Emergency and hospital services to beyond safe limits.  Why are we putting up with it?

The scum are the drunks, the alcoholics and the druggies who not only self-inflict such that they take up a bed and medical resources, but do it week after week, sometimes day after day. In most cases they are abusive and disruptive as well as intimidating and outright dangerous.  Because of them, ordinary people who need urgent treatment are subject to sometimes fatal delays and extended discomfort.

The scum are not only the alcies and druggies that roam the street stealing or begging for their next fix, but also those who do bother to work for a living yet think the idea of a good night out is to drink or drug themselves into a coma or to a point where they want to fight and destroy anything around them.

Is it not time to have a two tier Accident and Emergency system, with one lane for normal people and another for the scum?

Those who need medical assistance for no fault of their own could be treated quicker and removed from the pain and distress faster than they are under the system which allows scum to fill the place alongside normal people.

I try to be benevolent about the scum, but it is very hard to be when these selfish pointless people contribute nothing to society and are just a strain we don’t need and certainly can’t afford.  Maybe to be kinder to them, they could be allowed up to 3 visits in a ten year period, but once those 3 are used up they should not be sent ambulances or be allowed in the A & E Unit.  They should be ignored unless they are willing to pay for their treatment.  Each piece of human scum costs at least £3,000 in resources at each visit.  Why should the rest of us be paying that? Maybe they should pre-pay for the fourth treatment once they’ve used up the third ‘free’ treatment.

Why should hospitals, as in all of us, have to pay for Security Guards and have Police on permanent standby to save staff from the violence that is the natural language of the scum? Why should medical staff have to suffer abuse and violence at the hands of the scum?

Clear the scum out from the hospitals with a public awareness campaign, and maybe putting a bit of money into schemes to try to teach the scum how to look after themselves properly and to stop being routinely anti-social.  Once that’s done, just refuse to respond to them.  Keep them at arm’s length in order to bring safety and calm back to the Accident and Emergency Units.