All hail the duck god

It is disgusting that there are those out there that worship the rabbit god.  We must force them to renounce their rabbit god and join us on the right path, the true path, the path of worshipping the duck god.

Some atheists, obviously misguided, have suggested that there’s no difference between the duck god and the rabbit god.  How naive and ill-informed are these heretics?  We followers of the duck god know that the rabbit god is not the true god, hence why they must all be destroyed or converted to the true religion, the religion of the duck god.

(Editors note: The remainder of this 15 page rant deleted.

PS. Have you noticed that the banners held by followers of the duck god are identical to the banners held by followers of the rabbit god?  Not that either can actually get an objective view in order to see that, of course.)