Prohibit those smelly e-cigarettes now!

Well done Merseytravel. They don’t do a lot right in their strange existence alongside the free-for-all of the companies running their bus services throughout the area, with their muddle of different and differing tariffs.

Merseytravel‘s primary, some would say ‘only‘, job is to provide and maintain bus stops and bus shelters.  This they do using an obscure principle of not flagging the bus stops or bus shelters with easily spottable numbers of the routes that will serve the stop, like in places like Manchester or London.  Instead, this apparently unimportant information is hidden on a paper timetable which is invariably missing or vandalised, or can be seen when getting up close and personal.  Not much good when trying to see which of a collection of bus stops your bus will, er, ‘stop’ at, but there must be a reason.

Anyway.  They have, in Queen Square bus station at least (‘Bus station’ = a collection of bus shelters without route numbers on them), sorted out the signage with regard to trying to put a stop to those smelly selfish bastards who ‘smoke’ e-cigarettes.  For some reason, well, because all nicotine addicts are selfish bastards of course, users of e-cigarettes think it is fine to inflict their stink on other folks.  Just as cigarette smokers always used to.

E-cigarette smokers puff out a weird cloud of what they believe is simply ‘vapour’ (nobody knows what’s actually in an e-cigarette or how deadly the chemicals used are, so nobody yet knows what’s in this ‘vapour’) which causes eyes to stream, throats to feel dry and headaches and nausea for innocent bystanders.

Luckily they now cannot be used inside a Merseytravel bus shelter.  Not that the stoned/drunk/aggressive Scousers pay attention to such notices, but the rest do.

I suspect the ban is really a protective measure to avoid x years down the line, Merseytravel having to pay out £Millions in compensation for those who commence lingering deaths from having been forced to breath in the ‘smoke’ the selfish bastards inflict on them.

But, it’s a good ban.