I’m still listening to Steve and Sue, I am

It was on 26th January 2013, which, I’ll have you know is now exactly 2 Earth years ago, that I first publicly anoraked about Steve and Sue.

Steve and Sue are both separately on internet only radio station ‘Big L’ during the week, but on Sundays do a double act show between 10am and Noon.

Their ‘Sunday Service’ is a fun and fast moving collection of actual jokes, pretend horoscopes, quizzes and votes for three-in-a-rows, banter and, well, giggling.

For me, there is nothing worse than having to listen to oldies. I can’t stand old songs, which is why I cannot listen to any other show on ‘Big L’.  But week after week, I download and listen to Steve and Sue.  I listen ‘live’ on rare occasions, but usually my schedule means that I can’t, so I rely on them making sure to clip the show and plonk it online as a tasty mp3 for me to tuck in to.

What I still love about the show is the chaos and anarchy that collides with what is actually a very ‘tight’ and structured presentation format.  It really is a ‘feel good’ radio show.  There aren’t many of those on the air any more, especially now that commercial radio presentation is slave to the train station announcer plague, er, trend.

Ok there are times when listening is a bit like watching a re-run of the 1970s ITV show ‘The Comedians’ and thinking ‘whoops’ about what was funny and acceptable back then, and realising it isn’t politically correct today.  But that is also part of the charm of Steve and Sue.

So, here we are exactly two years on from my original coming out about Steve and Sue, my life has shuffled onward and things have changed and grown. Yet, there I am listening to Steve and Sue, week in week out with the dedication that a Coronation Street / EastEnders fan watches every episode.

Why haven’t this pair been picked up by a proper radio station?  Two years on from my original article (here) and they are locked away on a hobby internet radio station instead of enjoying the wider and proper audience they deserve.  That’s criminal.  Such a waste of talent.

BBC (Radio) London, overnights at least, has realised and responded to the audience need for ‘something different’, something not formulaic, something not restricted and boring, and so it lets the likes of James Max loose with his somewhat ‘different’ radio show.  There must be a BBC local radio station somewhere that would take a chance with Steve and Sue, surely?

Until there is, catch Steve and Sue only on Big L (here) on Sundays between 10am and Noon, or pick them up via the Listen Again facility (here).