Listen to Steve and Suzy on Sundays

I don’t see Sunday mornings that often.  I tend to emerge from my sleeping pit in the afternoon.  However, when Sunday mornings have to be experienced, I do my usual thing of fiddling around trying to find something interesting to listen to.

One of the reasons I ‘hate’ Big L is because it is yet another one of those internet radio stations that has stolen the name and jingles of a well dead offshore radio station.  I don’t understand why people do that. Within a few months they then pretend that they are in some way a continuation of the original, when they are clearly not.  That really annoys me.  When I read radio anoraks blurring the history of stations that are using the same call-sign as a once famous offshore radio station, it then annoys me even more.  Grrrr.

The other reason I ‘hate’ Big L is because it plays the same old songs from 50 years ago.  Heck, what is this obsession old people have with the 1960s?  Have their lives really been so completely awful that all they have is memories of the 1960s and its music?  Indeed, some of them weren’t even born when the records they are now playing were popular.  What’s that about?

Anyway.  Big L has these two negatives stacked up against it that I have to overcome in order to listen.

However, I am a lover of content, of the ‘links’, of the bits inbetween the songs.  It is these, I argue, that make a radio programme different to an iPod stream shuffling songs and just playing them at me.  A hosted radio show can have ‘stuff’ going on inbetween the songs, and, more importantly, interacting with the songs. A lonely iPod can’t do this.

So, if I ignore the old records and the station’s stolen name, the content has to reel me in.

Guess what does?

Sunday mornings, 10am thru Noon, there’s Steve and Suzy.

Now, what I like about this is that the show ticks all the boxes (apart from the songs) when it comes to ‘content’.  A living soap opera is going on inbetween the songs.  A cacophony of jingles and interaction between the two fills the spaces between the songs, and leaks over the songs as well.  Sound effects and laughter dart in and out of whatever it is they are saying.  And all of that darts in and out of the songs.  Callers can pre-record a message that gets played (and talked over/interacted with) within a few minutes. Likewise emails get fairly instantly read out and discussed.

Indeed, the level of interactivity is similar to the one time Chris Moyles radio show in that it will cause tangents and controls the direction the conversation heads in.

I guess the main difference is that virtually nobody is bothering to interact with Steve and Suzy because nobody but a hard core of regulars is actually listening.

The show is fun.  These two need to be scooped up by a real radio station.

So, talent scouts out there, I dare you to give it a listen this Sunday (10am to 12noon).  The website is here or search ‘Big L‘ on your favourite mobile radio app like TuneIn Radio or your actual internet radio.