My cats are a-moulting so Summer is a-comin’

Yay!  Summer is all but here.  Temperatures are rising, skies are clearing, birds are singing.

And my cats are moulting fast.

Nope, little sheep, it’s exactly the same level as decades ago!

It seems that April and May were a disaster for long range weather forecasting, especially for the UK’s Met Office.  Their millions of Pounds worth of super-computer gear wasn’t capable of correctly predicting the freezing cold, the extended flooding from huge rainfall, and, well anything at all (check my article from a month ago here).

It’s quite hard to find the long range weather forecasts on the Met Office website these days.  There’s plenty of the ‘advocacy’ blurb about Global Warming and all the fearmongering surrounding it, and a whole bunch of articles not even slightly related to the weather. Actual weather forecasts are getting even harder to find.

Yes, I do realise that the Met Office is not run by anybody with any qualifications in, well, weather forecasting, but instead by a guy who moved over from the WWF, an extremely highly financed ‘environmental’ advocacy group who have decided that human kind is to blame for something, currently Global Warming.  Is there a connection between the increase in bizarre links from the Met Office website to climate change advocacy (at least links to climate change science might have been more on topic) after the appointment of this ex-WWF fellow?  Who knows.

But, surely it should be hanging its collective multi-billion Pound head in shame at being incapable of forecasting anything more than about 3 days ahead.  Heck, if they can’t even get that right, how can they possibly be capable of forecasting 3 decades ahead.  Well, of course, they aren’t capable.  That’s why not one of their scary predictions about climate have ever come true.

I realise that the alternative forecasters also get things wrong.  My favourite, doesn’t get it right all the time, true.  However, unless I’m mistaken, he seems to get it right a lot more often with his laptop and calculations than the Met Office do with their supercomputers.  And what does he use that the Met Office ignore?

The sun.

Yep, our planet is turning like a roasting chicken on a rotisserie in front of this massive source of heat, light and many other forms of electro-magnetic radiation and ‘stuff’ spewing our way.  Logically the sun controls the weather and the climate.  It does this both on a course level and on a fine level.  Understanding how the sensitivities, feedbacks, jet-streams, sea circulations and absorptions work in response to the sun, assisted by the influence of the moon, is what do.  They do it so well that they can give very accurate weather forecasts for up to 45 days ahead.  Why can’t the Met Office do this?

For reasons deep-rooted in new age religions, they don’t seem to want to accept that the sun basically influences everything.  Instead, they’ve decided that ‘everything’ is down to the bad humans and their influence by, er, burning fossil fuels, or whatever they can think of next.

So, as we limp through a mainly uneventful summer, with a few excessively over the top hot weeks towards the end of it, we will have to wait to hear more excuses from the eco-loonies as to why things are not exactly panning out the way of their dire predictions and Armageddon sooth-saying.  We know it’s because they’re not looking up at the sun.

Meanwhile my cats are out there soaking up those golden rays.

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  1. Agreed with pretty much everything stated here, particularly about the influence of the Sun & Moon. What is more the meatball on the skewer is grabbed & being drawn in by the Sun. The Earth is always changing & re-moulding itself….how inconsiderate those tectonic movements & volcanic eruptions are to our cosy little human lifestyles. Okay, our farming & holiday arrangements are messed up a little but humans must understand that we cannot play at being Canute against the weather.

    I find the Isabel Taylor story as reported by the Daily Mail a few days ago poignant to your blog:


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