Emily Thornberry and the other millionaire socialists who hate us

Sometimes some events just seem a little bit mental. Sometimes very very mental.

Take, as an example, the tweet sent by MP and Shadow Cabinet Member (well ex-Shadow Cabinet Member!) Emily Thornberry. She attached a photo she’d taken of a small modest house with a white van parked in the drive and three England flags hanging over the bedroom windows. With it went the phrase “Image from #Rochester” (even though the house was actually in neighbouring Strood).

“OMG, One has seen a disgusting English White over there!”

On the face of it there was nothing wrong with a house displaying the England flag, especially as it was showing support for England in its football game against Scotland.  Neither was there anything wrong with the householder, Dan Ware, a car dealer, parking his work van outside.

Equally, apart from not obscuring the number plate, there was nothing wrong with Thornberry tweeting the picture.

I mean, had it be accompanied by a phrase like, “Good to see England team’s supporters getting behind them here in Strood” then it would have been a complimentary photo winning her Brownie points for being ‘down with the little people’.

However, there was an implied ‘wrong’ in what Thornberry had seen, and an implied ‘sneer’ at it as if there’s something wrong with driving a white van or supporting England.

This ‘wrong’ and ‘sneer’ is the same one constantly subliminally pushed by the millionaire socialists that make up most of this country’s commentators and comedians. They do it all the time, drip drip drip feeding the public with this negativity in shows on TV from Question Time, through Have I got News For You, and across all 8 Out Of 10 Cats and Mock The Week.

In all cases, the millionaire socialist comedians, and let’s not forget that everybody on TV on a regular basis has a heck of a lot more money that the average person watching, put across the idea that showing the England flag is a wrong thing to do.  They imply racism. They imply stupidity.  They imply that there is something wrong with those who display the England flag. They want us to laugh and point at those who do.

Strangely, they’d never dare to comment on the flag of the Islamic State that is routinely displayed across various areas of the UK, nor any of the flags of any countries of origin of large areas of the population in the UK.  Yet, displaying the country’s own official flag is, to them, wrong.

It is only these millionaire socialists that perpetuate the stereotype of anybody daring to display the England flag or the British flag, nobody else.

The oddest part is that the millionaire socialists are usually themselves from an English White heritage.

So, why all the self-loathing?

Why does English White millionaire socialist Emily Thornberry hate her own heritage so much?

Maybe it’s snobbery, comes one suggestion, and is just her looking down from one of her three homes, the £3 Million one in Islington’s millionaire socialist row (almost next door to one of the houses owned by fellow Millionaire Socialist Tony Blair), upon those with less privileges than herself.

But why does she only look down on English Whites?

If she was just a ‘snob’ she’d be looking down on all the lower caste of society, regardless of their ethnic origin, wouldn’t she?

Nope, she singles out English Whites, especially football team supporting ones, to be the objects of her sneering and negativity.  As do so many others just like her.  Using the comfort of tv and radio studios, completely without challenge or being called to account, they drip feed their hatred to the general public in exchange for more money for their half hour appearance than most of those they loathe make in half a year.

It may well be some form of mental illness, but, whatever the reason, there can be no excuse. It is time that this self-loathing of English Whites by English Whites was made illegal. It is illegal, it is racist, to discriminate against a person based on their race, culture or religion.  It’s time people like Thornberry were prosecuted.

Heck, she should even understand the law about her racist outbursts, she was the Shadow Attorney General, for goodness sake.


  1. I think you’ll find it’s only illegal to discriminate against a minority race in this country, but not the majority one. In other words it’s OK for anyone to discriminate against a white British person based on their race, but not anyone else.

    I believe we have Mr Blair to thank for this anomaly.


  2. Emily’s Facebook page makes interesting reading.

    People have left comments on there regarding her recent tweet, some of which are allegedly being deleted. However, the really nasty ones are allegedly avoiding deletion.

    Weird? Why would this be?


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