The things humans are designed to instantly forget

There’s a lot that goes on that we can’t or won’t see.  The nearest experience this reality can be likened to is dreaming.

Yes, now and again, you will remember a very vivid dream or nightmare, but for the overwhelming majority you won’t remember a thing. The dreams inbetween are fragmented and bitty when it comes to recall.  We have an ability to ‘self-delete’ these, well, ‘memories’.

True, they aren’t real ‘memories’, of course, but the confused artefacts of the ‘brain maintenance’ we do whilst we have put ourselves into sleep mode.

Being a species with a ‘sleep mode’ can be a very useful attribute.  Other humans, yes, beings from our own species, can work out how to induce ‘waking sleep’ in others. This hypnotism can be very useful. It can plant false memories, remove actual memories, halt or change abilities and perception, and indeed, most importantly, it can distort their reality and change their beliefs and actions.

Religion is one form of hypnotism, and in its extreme form it can be used to bypass all the natural inclinations and to install a desire to self-destruct with as much collateral damage as possible.  In other words, without question, a human being will happily blow themselves to pieces in order to murder others.

Being a suicide bomber isn’t a natural inclination. It’s a hypnotic state induced in a human by other humans.

In so many ways, as a species, we are so very easy to reboot or reprogramme.

This is useful, because it allows reality to operate around us without our knowledge.  We, for example, dismiss as not of any concern, the hundreds of thousands of human beings that just disappear each year. Far more just disappear than die from Ebola, yet for some hypnotic reason we don’t react or panic about it until it’s an immediate relative.

There are reasons why we are trained to ignore the fact that so many of us just disappear ‘off the face of the earth’ each year.

Indeed, there are so many things around us that we just don’t ‘see’. We do ‘see’ them of course, but we are trained as a species to just ignore them. Then to forget them.

The reality around us, the things happening, those ‘things’ that walk quite openly among us, are all erased with the same speed that most dreams get deleted from our memory once we have woken.

This is how a complete parallel existence can co-habit alongside us, and we are none the wiser.  But maybe we should be asking questions. We should really be asking about why they keep taking us. And why those they take never return.

What are we to them? Are we just cattle?  And if we ever find out, will we just all collectively conveniently forget again?