Oi mate, yer owl’s dead

I spent 2 hours watching this owl. It never moved.  If it was a dead owl it would be sitting there rotting. It is not sitting there rotting.

I can only conclude that it is not a proper owl.  It didn’t even fly away when the aerial thingie it is sitting on moved around from side to side.

Why would anybody want an aerial to move around? Surely that would interrupt your listening pleasure. Actually, it’s probably a lot more stable to listen to stuff via the internet.  Much more stable.

Most importantly, there are no owls sitting on internet routers. Not proper owls. Not pretend owls. No owls. Nothing even slightly owl-ish.

One comment

  1. I’d guess that the main aerial (directional yagi) is for HF (short wave) amateur radio band and the “whip” on top is probably for the 2m/70cm bands. The versatower can raise up in low winds and the rotator point at where he/she wants to listen/CQ. It is probably a model owl designed to keep birds off of the aerial who might get fried by 1Kw of single side band and/or otherwise affect reception. I believe that therapy is available for such users these days, but sadly not covered by the NHS


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