The rising Scottish and Welsh racism

What motivates those in Scotland who no longer want to be part of the United Kingdom?

I think it’s symptomatic of the growing racism which seems to happening across most of the components of the UK.

Over recent decades, in addition to Scotland, I have seen countries like Wales becoming more and more openly antagonistic and antagonised by the other parts of the UK.  Even parts of England, take Cornwall as an example, see themselves as small ‘countries’ and want to be autonomous.

And, let’s not forget ‘the North’ which wants some form of separation from ‘the South’.

So, what’s going on?

When I lived in South Wales as a small boy, not many of the locals spoke Welsh.  English was the common language.  It was just the accent that differentiated the area from, well, England.  The Welsh language was taught at school rather like French is taught in English schools, yet not spoken outside.  It was dying as the primary language.

Then suddenly things changed. The language and enjoying ‘Welshness’ became popular, almost mandatory.  And with this came an aggression towards England and ‘Englishness’.  This movement didn’t go away, but got stronger and developed into a demand for a certain level of autonomy.  The Welsh Assembly was born and slowly grew the powers it now has, limited though they might be.

The same thing happened in Scotland, of course, with them getting a Parliament.  And that parliament getting stronger and gaining more control over Scotland has culminated in the move away from being part of the United Kingdom.

The rise in ‘nationalism’ and desire for separation comes at quite a bizarre time for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the UK has nearly all of its main rules and laws handed down by the European Commission in Brussels.  Sometimes these comes as laws the European Parliament has passed to which we must adhere, sometimes these come as demands that we pass a local UK law to comply with the instructions barked at us.

So, with Scotland breaking away from the UK, and, assuming it becomes part of the EU in order to stop going bankrupt and in order to use the Euro as its currency, it will, like the rest of us, only have a limited amount of autonomy.

The point being that as each country or ‘area’ within the UK looks for independence, any actual independence will be increasingly limited due to the gradual power transfer to Brussels. All that happens is that the ‘middle’ level of authority, the London based House of Commons and House of Lords, is removed from the loop.

Secondly, this all comes at a time when both legal and illegal immigration is at its highest and fastest. Huge quantities of immigrants are filling each of the different areas or countries of the UK.

Where those immigrants are Muslim, which is by far the greater majority of them, then they have little or no interest in the historic value of the area or country they are now living in.  To them it holds little to no value, beyond being a place that might one day properly be part of the much larger Islamic plan.  As an example, looking at Wales and its capital, Cardiff.  Cardiff’s major spoken language is not Welsh. It’s not English. It’s major religion is not Christianity. Neither is it some celtic predecessor. Cardiff is a city divided. The indigenous population are busy hating the population of other countries in the United Kingdom, whilst the immigrant population are busy hating any non-Muslim populations wherever they may be, even in their current country of residence, Wales.

Similar immigration issues are to be found in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh.  Again, they have not a care about Scotland breaking away from the UK. They live in hope that it will just become part of the eventual Islamic State of Europe.  The current ‘independence’ is just a minor distraction from the inevitable.

Hating thy neighbour, where once you loved them, isn’t just a Welsh versus UK or Scottish versus UK or Cornish versus UK thing. It seems to be a growing phenomena across most of the world.  And most of the world is being far less civilised about division than we are.

Why is this happening?