Time for me to leap

leapSo, it’s, as far as the blog date is concerned, Leap Year Day. February 29th only happens once every four(ish) years.

Leap Year Day is a good day for me to make a bit of a leap as far as this blog goes.

Should I leap off?  As in, stop me blogging? Many might hope so.


No, my mate, I’m going to leap forward. Because I’ve been a bit delayed in my glorious effort to provide a blog a day as per my original ‘brief’ (Ok, a brief I gave myself), it makes sense to leap across March and April in order to land on May.  Thusly, I can be ‘blogging’ in real time (again).  So, see you on May 1st…

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  1. Why is your page “running” so late? ie: a post about the 29th February being posted today the 26th April ???


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