I leapt all the way to May I did

leaphorseWhoosh. Right.  Here we are at the 1st day of May.

As I explained on the, ahem, 29th day of February, I have/had been a bit of a naughty boy.

I’ve been a bit busy. And when I’m busy, especially when that busy-ness is inclusive of having to use what’s left of my creative brain, I find I am left uninspired and incapable of doing much wordsmithery for me lovely blog.

So, on the few occasions I had spare time, nothing would come out.  It was/is a brain freeze, a writer’s block, maybe even a brain failure that comes with age.  Heck, I’m almost 22 years old.

Well, we’ll see how this goes.  I’ll try to return to my blog a day schedule.  If, or more likely, when, it all goes tits up again, I will consider stopping and calling it a day.  I mean, I’ve been blogging for many many years, and I may well have said all there is to say.

For medical reasons I want to try to get my brain to formulate sentences and paragraphs out of my ideas and thoughts. So, as Tony Blackburn once said, “Let’s away”…