Britain grows crusaders and jihadists

We have always grown the world’s ‘best’ crusaders and jihadists in Britain.

We in England were first invaded by one of the Middle Eastern religion viruses.  The Romans forced Christianity upon us. Withholding food works. As does chopping people’s heads off.  Those who were autonomous and self-sufficient and so didn’t need the food that was being withheld were the spartan populations of the heaths that covered England.  Most had no religion, or shared the Pagan or Wiccan belief systems that were common before Christianity invaded.  Unable to force them into Christianity, the invaders started scary rumours about them and hence why the word ‘heathen’ no longer simply means somebody who lives on the heath, but means somebody ungodly in a negative way and to be avoided.

The Christianity virus has such a hold over English society that our Governmental system instantly and without question has space for Christian leaders to sit and make laws of our land. Christian organisations pay no taxes and enjoy many privileges denied to ordinary citizens.

These days we have matured a little.  Mainly, the tight hold the Christianity virus held over us has been relaxed.  Large numbers have ‘grown out’ of Christianity.

There was a time when we enjoying going off on a ‘crusade’.  That was when, under the control of the Christianity virus, we would pick a random country, go to it, and kill the inhabitants. Usually the inhabitants were infected with the early versions of the Islamic virus.

Hence Christianity versus Islam has a long and near continuous history.

In its original form, Christianity is a vicious and awful virus.  It takes hold of the minds of those infected and gives them some form of justification to kill, maim, hurt and destroy.  As a virus it still has an unbearably strong hold over North Americans.  They still love their crusades.

But, back to England. We have a history of growing crusaders, and now we are growing jihadists.

Logically, as the dominant religious virus in England flips from the Christian one to the Islamic one, it is understandable that this country remains the main breeder of fighters dead set on heading out into the world for a perceived greater good. Today’s warriors fight for Islam around the world, just as they once fought for Christianity around the world.

The breeding ground remains the same, it’s just yesterday’s crusaders have faded into today’s jihadists.

What’s the reason we breed them?  Well, they breed because we keep telling our youngsters that there’s just no point to anything.  Regardless of their ethnic heritage or religion, our schools are teaching the children that there’s no future. We tell them the sky is falling.

Whether it’s wrapped up in end-of-the-world mantras about irreversible man-made catastrophic climate change, or how they’ll never be able to afford their own home, and there are no jobs available, teenagers have been drip fed a total hopelessness for decades now.

This makes them ideal for radicalisation.  The Christian teenagers turn to local crime and gangs waging war at a local level.  The Muslim teenagers hear of a future worth fighting for as part of a Muslim gang fighting people who are different to them in far off lands.  It’s the same call the crusaders heard centuries ago just modernised for today.

The fact that young Muslim men are going abroad and doing the most vicious and awful things to ordinary people isn’t a ‘Muslim’ only ‘problem’.  The only reason that young Christian men aren’t doing a similar thing is that there are no independent Christian armies off fighting in far off lands.  State sponsored armies are there, yes, but whilst these are Christian, they are a part of countries like North America and Britain. That puts them in a different perspective.  Christians wishing to go on a crusade have to join a structured armed forces with a set of rules of engagement to try to adhere to. Not that the rules stop them killing and torturing people they shouldn’t.

So, back to the root. If we stop being so pessimistic in front of our youth, and instead teach them hope and optimism, as well as work to give them a future. Then we will win back both the Muslim and the Christian generations, and they won’t want to go to war.  Until we do that we will continue to miss the point and to breed warriors yet blame the religions their parents happen to have infected them with.