Sexual predator anoraks

A lot of people who had their 15 minutes of fame back in the 1960s or in some way worked within sniffing distance of the evil that was Jimmy Savile, appear to be pending prosecution for sexual predatory and related crimes.

A succession of household names alongside the names that make the ordinary concerned parent go “Who?” are now being processed.

It’s important of course to emphasise that until individuals are found guilty, they are not guilty. Hence why I’m not discussing individual cases nor individual accusations.

However, a pattern or two is emerging. The accused (and those already found guilty) all seem to hail from the music, entertainment and pop culture businesses of the 1960s and 1970s. Indeed, a lot of the alleged incidents hail from that era too. In very many cases, the accused seem to have been involved in radio broadcasting. Less so modern day broadcasting, but nearly all seemed to have had some involvement in offshore radio.

Ah. Offshore radio. Now then, these chaps having their 15 minutes of fame back in the 1960s are mainly forgotten by the real world, but not by the dreaded old radio anoraks. Not the radio anoraks who used to have radio jobs in the 1980s before the radio industry collapsed in the UK, but the old radio anoraks.

The old radio anoraks infest various message boards and online chat systems, discussing such important issues as what power a transmitter was using on the 7th November 1973 at 9:21 in the evening, or how the only true 1960s Radio Caroline was based near the Isle of Man and not off the Essex coast, or how they have a recording of 3 hours worth of test tone they recorded at 3am one September evening back in 1984, can anybody help identify the exact date? And so on.

To the old radio anoraks, anybody who spent time offshore is a hero who can do no wrong. This is how they feel despite the number of ex-offshore radio DJs who over the years have had convictions for paedophilia, rape, and other sexual predatory offences, usually of a homosexual nature.

In recent months further names of ex-offshore radio DJs have been put in the frame, pending prosecution for strings of some pretty vile offences, some with multiple occurrences. Of course, it’s up to the courts to apportion guilt, if there is any. However, the old radio anoraks have decided that all concerned are not guilty and the whole thing is just a storm in a teacup.

Horrifically, on reading their dismissive posts, it becomes obvious that they actually have no concept that the actions themselves, regardless of who carried them out, are in any way wrong.

Yep, that’s correct. They dismiss sex with underage girls as being, well, hey, just one of those things. The girls probably enjoyed it, so it’s nobody’s fault but their own. As for rape, the old radio anoraks just shrug their shoulders and blame the girl (or boy) for not just taking what they were given.

You see, the old radio anoraks are very much like the unenlightened Catholic church which took hundreds of years to accept that child abuse was wrong, and that threatening the victims in order to protect the priests was wrong. The old radio anoraks don’t believe that anybody who once worked on offshore radio could possibly have done anything wrong, and they don’t believe that child abuse and rape are wrong. Or, if they do finally grudgingly accept that such actions are wrong, they put them on a par with parking on a double yellow line and dismiss them as completely unimportant. These old radio anoraks truly cannot understand why people might find such activity wrong, or why victims have had their lives destroyed. To these old radio anoraks, this is all just a fuss about nothing.

A common theme within the circles of these offensive old radio anoraks is not only their treating women (or young boys) as acceptable sex objects, but they will ooze completely sexist behaviour generally. Women to these people are not equals. They are ‘things’ to be patted on the head and laughed and joked about that must know their place.

They are the same when it comes to race. The offensive old radio anoraks just can’t hide their racism. They will use derogatory and offensive terms to describe people from other countries. When reminded that they are being offensive they really just won’t accept, let alone recognise, that an offence has taken place. Sometimes they will dismiss any challenge with a chuckle about how they are a hard northerner and it’s only the soft southerners who take offence.

These sexists, racists, and homophobes disgust me. The people who don’t mind sharing message boards with them, or just smile and think, “Not to worry” when they see yet another posting that truly shows their unacceptable behaviour, disgust me too.  None of them want to stand up to this behaviour, which effectively condones it.

A year or so ago, I withdrew from being a moderator and contributor to one of these message boards when I realised that nobody from the other old radio anoraks infesting it seemed to be taking offence at the style and obvious beliefs of certain posters. Anybody speaking out would have their contribution deleted, whilst the sexists, racists and homophobes were green lighted to say whatever they wanted.

It is sad, disgusting even, that those who grew up in the 1960s and 1970s still to this day see nothing wrong with rape, sexism, racism, homophobia, or sexual predatory.  They should be shunned by all normal people.

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  1. I know the forum you are referring to, the reading of some articles, and some of the contributors comments, make for uncomfortable reading. I am far removed from the PC brigade, but I am beginning to feel I have very little in common with those contributors and I am considering avoiding the page in future.


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