Your child abuse must stop!

As if with one voice we condemn child abuse. But, we think of acts of cruelty against children as being the more obvious acts that cause physical pain or discomfort, or the awful starving or torturing to death we hear stories of from time to time. Most ‘ordinary’ parents don’t think of themselves as committing acts of cruelty against their children.

However, these are the parents who are probably quite happy to commit acts of physical as well as mental abuse against their own children without even realising what they are doing. They’ll probably abuse their child because their parents abused them.

On the physical side, without consultation or the permission of the child, parents will arrange for a circumcision. This means, for reasons that have no basis in medicine or science, the parents decide to remove a part of the penis. Jews and Muslims will do this because an ancient religion they never question tells them to. It’s crossed over to other religions as a ‘trendy’ modern form of abuse against a baby.

Far less dramatic, yet still a physical abuse is the habit of piercing the ears of a baby. This abuse is because the parents have decided that their child will wear jewellery. Again, the baby is far too young to be consulted. Instead, the parents have imposed their view on the innocent child. Indeed, before the child even understands what they are, it will have had studs stapled through the wounds imposed into its ears.

The greater form of child abuse practised by parents is the mental one.

A child gives its parents unconditional love. It knows nothing else, and it looks to its parents to be its guardians and to guide its understanding of all this newness that surrounds it. Making sense of things is so difficult. Yet rather than really help, the first thing a lot of parents will do is subject their child to the ritual abuse handed down over the years; the abuse of distorting reality.

The first abusive distortion of reality is the lie about Father Christmas. Instead of putting across the fun of Father Christmas as they would with any other childhood fun, parents will indoctrinate the child into believing that Santa is real. They don’t do this with Disney characters or cartoons, but they do it about Father Christmas. How can this be anything but the abuse of an innocent and trusting child?

As the child gets older they are told lies about the tooth fairy. It’s the parents’ fun little joke and the child is again the victim of the abuse. They trust unconditionally and know no better. They aren’t able to understand that their parents find this cruelty hilarious.

There are other lies the parents like to torture their children with, ranging from the bogeyman living in the wardrobe to the monster under the bed. Then, of course the biggest lie of all will be forcing the innocent child to believe that there is a god, and, depending on the religious choice of the parents, all the peripheral characters of the religion they have chosen.

A child never chooses to believe in a god, its parents force it upon them, along with all the other lies that seem obligatory for childhood.

As a child gets older and starts to work things out for itself, it soon realises with quite an awful sadness that Santa doesn’t really exist. Sadly, the parents usually laugh and are high with glee when the child has the revelation. It’s a revelation that usually accompanies what should be the happy and innocent time of Christmas and the Holiday season, but mars it and scars the child for life. The child gets shouted at for being so soft and for not appreciating the hilarity of the wind-up they have been the victim of.

As the child progresses, other abusive lies are revealed, and it’s not long before the tooth fairy can be dismissed as another bit of parental cruelty.

However, long into adulthood the fear of the dark and the monster under the bed that the parents indoctrinated the child with remains, such is the victory of the cruelty.

Likewise the religious mumbo-jumbo that parents have fed their children. That is very hard for a child to break free from. Although more and more are breaking free as humanity progresses, there are still adults with a belief in a god and the surrounding structure of the particular religion their parents forced on them from birth. Like with the fear of the dark, religion is quite a hard one to grow out of because it’s designed to not allow the mind to break free.

It can be a lot easier to submit to and not question the religion that parents forced upon a child than to break free from it. Indeed, part of the ritual structure of the religion is designed to re-self-hypnotise and to keep the mind from free thinking or questioning the logic. The same mind that questioned and worked out the lie about Santa and the lie about the Tooth Fairy is not allowed to question the lie of the religion. Anybody questioning is of course going to be subject to terrible punishment later in life, or, in death. It’s very hard to break free when surrounded by the constant reinforcement of the abuse, and so quite often a child will develop Stockholm syndrome with regard to the religion being practised around them. It takes a strong mind to break away from this constant and ritual mental abuse.

I don’t believe children should be abused in the way they are. I don’t believe they should have bits cut off of holes punched in them, or their minds filled with any of the ritual lies I’ve described.

It’s about time that parents found committing any of these acts of abuse were prosecuted and punished.


  1. Children believe what they see, hear and read is real. Mostly I suppose it's not so difficult to gradually accept that fairytale characters are just fictional, but for Father Christmas we are up against the might of commercialism. With this constantly being thrust at children it is so difficult for a parent to just tell the child “it's not true”.

    But, I wish I had done just that 😦


  2. Well said. Normal schmormal. If I were a guy, I'd want my whole wiener. I especially like the thought about how religion is often designed not to let one think freely. Repetition and being in a culture that supports acting on auto pilot contribute to some serious mental and physical bs. Nice wake up call to reality here, thanks.


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