More Arctic Sea Ice than ever!

Ah, 2007. Well before ‘climategate’ showed us how corrupt, ‘collaborative’ and open to question the ‘climate change industry’ was. In 2007 Al Gore was adding to his $Millions by running the public face of the scare industry related to ‘climate change’.

In 2007 Gore assured us, categorically, that the Arctic Sea Ice would be completely gone well “within seven years”.  That would be 2014.  Arctic Sea Ice would be completely gone by 2014.

Not only would it all be gone by 2014, but it was all our fault.  It was our fault because of the amount of CO2 we were generating.

Strangely, humanity has increased the amount of CO2 it emits each year. Indeed, using Gore logic, the Arctic Sea Ice should have disappeared well before 2014.

Erm, it hasn’t.

In fact, comparing a single day year on year (December 28th for example) Arctic Sea Ice is at its largest in the last 5 years, defying all the unscientific predictions being peddled by Gore and the climate change scaremongering industry.  Meanwhile there’s more Antarctic Sea Ice than we’ve seen for the 35 years our accurate measurements have been made.

So, why oh why do people still go on about ‘melting’ icecaps?  Is it because religions function on ‘faith’ and ‘belief’ rather than demonstrable ‘fact’ which they just refuse to accept?